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Who has the most on-screen kills in horror movies?

Who Has the Most On-Screen Kills in Horror Movies?

As we found out in my article for on-screen kills in action movies, Hollywood has dealt out death on a fairly large scale over the years. While we now know who actually has to highest body count among those types of films, there’s another genre that has racked up plenty of kills as well. Horror…

Top haunted attractions to scare the $#! % out of you

Top Haunted Attractions to Scare the $#!% Out of You

Looking to take your Halloween fun to the next level this year? While you may have a traditional haunted house or three near you, these days there are Halloween experiences that take scaring the crap out of you very seriously. If you’re lucky, or unlucky as some may see it, there’s one of these close…

October movie preview: the spooky season has arrived

October Movie Preview: The Spooky Season Has Arrived

When October movies come around, I’m looking for Halloween movies or at the very least a movie that can fit in with the spooky season. This month definitely doesn’t disappoint. There are even two films with “Halloween” as either the title or part of the title. Plus man-eating anti-superheroes and a creepy hotel. We have…

31 horror movies to get you in the halloween spirit

31 Horror Movies to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

Halloween has been my favorite holiday and season ever since I was fairly young. The air is getting cooler, even in Texas, and everyone starts thinking about who or what they are going to dress up as for the holiday — if they haven’t already decided and been working on their costumes for several weeks…

What’s coming to and leaving from netflix october 2018

What’s Coming To and Leaving From Netflix October 2018

Proceed with caution, and do not leave without a costume. Be weary of razor blades and LSD-laced candy. Expect a trick, and you’ll be lucky if you get a treat. This is Halloween.  For this month’s entry, the crew at Geek Insider is focusing on all the spooky flicks and supernatural shows to keep you…

The 31 eves of halloween – film game

The 31 Eves of Halloween – Film Game

It is customary in many cultures to honor the dead and celebrate their life. These cultural celebrations come in many forms and hold many names. In America, we call it Halloween. Halloween is a spooktastic holiday that comes only once a year and falls on October 31st. Halloween embodies an eerie feel and possesses a…

Movies anywhere app has halloween flicks for everyone

Movies Anywhere App Has Halloween Flicks For Everyone

For all the movie buffs out there with an enthusiasm for Halloween, you might want to check out Movies Anywhere before the end of the month! They’ve got quite a nice lineup of Halloween movies suitable for all tastes. From full-on horror (Resident Evil and The Conjuring) to comically creepy (Zombieland and Gremlins) and everything between….

Unboxing geek fuel’s mystery box for october 2017 – get $3 off!!

Unboxing Geek Fuel’s Mystery Box For October 2017 – Get $3 Off!!

Geek Fuel is a subscription service that sends you a Monthly Mystery Box filled with everything you need to feed your geeky lifestyle. Each box contains an exclusive t-shirt, collectibles, and toys plus a downloadable Steam game. You can get the box reviewed in this article until the end of the month for $24.90 (including shipping)….

Night of the living zoo: creepy halloween fun

Night of the Living Zoo: Creepy Halloween Fun

The Smithsonian Zoo will be holding its annual Halloween event Night of the Living Zoo on October 27. The evening will feature music, performances and more! While Halloween is mostly a kid’s holiday, there are more than a few events around town and the local metro areas of the Baltimore-Washington D.C. corridor that cater to…

October movie preview: the cinematic graveyard

October Movie Preview: The Cinematic Graveyard

With all the horror and creepiness from last month’s movie releases, there aren’t nearly as many October movies fit for the build-up to Halloween. Or maybe everyone got thoroughly creeped out with It and now they’re looking for something less murder-y. Well there are plenty of releases to choose from. Here’s our October movie preview….

Halloween movies: the magic of miyazaki

Halloween Movies: The Magic of Miyazaki

Halloween is a time for spooks and frights, but it’s also a time of fun and laughter. I’ve always loved the scary side of Halloween, but I’ve mostly grown up loving Halloween for the festivities, movies (both scary and feel-good movies), and all things magical and mystical. I like the warm fuzzies that you get…