Movies Anywhere App Has Halloween Flicks For Everyone

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For all the movie buffs out there with an enthusiasm for Halloween, you might want to check out Movies Anywhere before the end of the month! They’ve got quite a nice lineup of Halloween movies suitable for all tastes. From full-on horror (Resident Evil and The Conjuring) to comically creepy (Zombieland and Gremlins) and everything between.

If you haven’t heard about this app, then here’s a rundown on it. You can connect your Vudu, Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes accounts to Movies Anywhere so that all of your movies will be accessible on any devices that support these apps. For instance, if you bought a movie on your iPad using your iTunes account, you could also watch it on your Android using your Google Play account. You can also download the Movies Anywhere app itself to access your movies, but it’s nice to know that isn’t necessary since devices like your Xbox don’t have the app available yet. The biggest catch is that not every movie is eligible for this, but a lot of the big studios are in. Here’s the lineup so far:

  • Disney (includes Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and Pixar)
  • Warner Bros.
  • Twentieth Century Fox
  • Universal
  • Sony

Regardless of the exclusion of studios like Paramount and Lionsgate (Transformers and Hunger Games), Movies Anywhere is still the best way to access your entire digital library on all of your devices. Take advantage of it this Halloween and have your movies available at whatever haunt you find yourself!

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