My love-hate relationship with ‘the sims 4’

My Love-Hate Relationship with ‘The Sims 4’

I’m an avid fan of The Sims series. I love creating my own people, building houses (even if they’re all boxes), and being able to have complete control of my own little world. I like being able to have the tools to express my own creativity and show off my skills (or lack of) within…

Ea delays ‘dragon age’ and ‘battlefield’

EA Delays ‘Dragon Age’ and ‘Battlefield’

Delayed, delayed, delayed. This is it, folks; the most disappointing time after E3- when all the good games we have been looking forward to are delayed either “until next year” or simply “indefinitely”. Promises of better and brighter games are made as gamers wait for their $500 console to actually have new games to play….

Playstation 3: still alive and breathing

Playstation 3: Still Alive And Breathing

Introduction Without question, the Playstation 2 was Sony’s most successful console with over 150 million units sold worldwide within its lifespan. This is quite an accomplishment as is the fact that it was only recently discontinued from production around a year ago; giving it a shelf life of thirteen years. Since then, we have seen…

The sims 4 to be released on september 2

The Sims 4 to be released on September 2

Gaming fans Monday had a little trouble concentrating on their work, and it’s not all due to the exhausting hours they dedicated to their favorite form of virtual reality of the weekend. E3 kicked off in a big way with Microsoft, followed by EA, Ubisoft, and Sony. SIMS Are Coming For the Sims obsessed, Executive Producer of…

Electronic arts secures rights to titanfall 2

Electronic Arts Secures Rights To Titanfall 2

According to a representative at GameSpot EA has secured the sequel rights for Titanfall, Respawn Entertainments first-person shooter. The decision to secure the sequel depended on the performance of the original. It is evident that Titanfall has done very well and even went as far to boost sales of the Xbox One console. [youtube]…

Why steamos will fail

Why SteamOS Will Fail

Valve has recently made three announced that will shake up PC gaming, for what the  company assumes is the better. I disagree. SteamOS sounds great at first: your whole Steam collection in console form that can easily be usable while on the couch in the living room, why not!? SteamOS Well, unfortunately, that’s hardly the…

Ea surprises follow up, e3

EA Surprises Follow Up, E3

Just days before E3, EA’s DICE studio released a video to promising they had surprises in store for audiences. The video featured DICE Studio’s General Manager, Karl-Magnus Troedsson promising “Surprises” and “Awesome games” at E3. The video can be found covered by Geek Insider here. After seeing the video, a majority of the internet assumed…

The silent treatment: video game publishers’ secret weapon

The Silent Treatment: Video Game Publishers’ Secret Weapon

The year 2013 will be marked down in video game history as the year that saw the announcement and release of the PS4, the struggle of the Nintendo Wii U, and probably the release of the next Xbox. “History is written by the victors” is an adage that invariably holds true in the video game…

Top 5 classic electronic arts video game series

Top 5 Classic Electronic Arts Video Game Series

Love them or hate them (and yes, you probably hate them), Electronic Arts are one of the largest video game related companies in existence. As a game publisher, Electronic Arts (EA) have put out some of the most successful and most popular series ever. With titles like Dead Space, Mass Effect, Medal of Honor and…

Top 4 techie ways to get over a break up

Top 4 Techie Ways to Get Over a Break Up

They often say the one thing we can count on failing are man-made things. Geeks understand that those are the only things we can trust. After man breaks our spirits here are the top 4 techie ways to get over a break up. Get Lost in the Game The Legend of Zelda is the greatest game ever…

Battlefield 4 Official Unveiling On March 26

DICE and EA are getting ready to unveil the next iteration of their Battlefield franchise. It is reported that Battlefield 4 will be revealed on March 26th to expand one of the most popular shooters ever. No extra details have emerged yet, so those wishing for something extra will have to wait for more details….

Ea attempts to halt server problems by cutting features in simcity

EA Attempts to Halt Server Problems By Cutting Features in SimCity

As SimCity server problems continue, EA is scrambling to make things right again. The game developer has made the decision to start disabling the game’s non-essential functions to help with the server issues. EA Server Issues Cause Non-Essential Functions to Halt On the SimCity forum, the community manager made a point to thoroughly explain what…