Ea delays ‘dragon age’ and ‘battlefield’

EA Delays ‘Dragon Age’ and ‘Battlefield’

Delayed, delayed, delayed. This is it, folks; the most disappointing time after E3- when all the good games we have been looking forward to are delayed either “until next year” or simply “indefinitely”. Promises of better and brighter games are made as gamers wait for their $500 console to actually have new games to play….

Iphone 6 leaked on amazon- and it looks incredible

iPhone 6 Leaked on Amazon- And It Looks Incredible

New technology is constantly either being released or leaked to the public in some fashion; this time being specs for the all-new iPhone 6. The posting on Amazon was quickly removed, but not before people could get a good look at it. The post was touting the new iPhone with such impressive improvements and features…

Blizzard’s president apologizes for lack of diversity

Blizzard’s President Apologizes For Lack of Diversity

There is no use denying that diversity is a big part of modern video games. Many progressive developers have begun striving for a diverse amount of representation for different races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities and even religions. With such a huge push for representing the diversity of the gamer communities within games, the issues that Blizzard has…

Yosemite and ios 8- what’s new with apple this fall?

Yosemite and iOS 8- What’s New With Apple This Fall?

Connectivity, innovation, and design- these three words were the pillars that built the foundation of Apple, Inc.’s software developer conference.  This year at Apple’s 25th WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage and presented some amazing revolutions in Apple Software. Boasting a brand new operating system for Mac computers, the conference…

‘the battle of the gods’ is coming to north america

‘The Battle of the Gods’ is Coming to North America

The anime and manga that has brought so many geeks into the anime world will be showing its latest cinematic masterpiece at local theaters in the U.S. It has been seventeen years since a new and epic Dragon Ball Z movie last graced a silver screen in Japan. With the success of this return to…

Handheld consoles: are they still holding their own?

Handheld Consoles: Are They Still Holding Their Own?

The console wars rage on, as gamers continue to argue over Microsoft’s Xbox One to Sony’s PlayStation 4. This may be the battle of the ages, a bloody war not seen since the fall of the Sega Console Empire. With such intense debate, however,  there is huge risk of forgetting the little guys. And by little guys,…

Top 5 triple-a games to play on your mac

Top 5 Triple-A Games To Play On Your Mac

You can’t game on a Mac! Ah, the old,  familiar saying many Mac users hear from their hardcore PC-gaming friends. Despite the long and limited history with games, the changes that Apple has recently made with its licensing agreements have allowed some very big games to finally become available for play on the Mac OS X. Even…