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iPhone 6 Leaked on Amazon- And It Looks Incredible

New technology is constantly either being released or leaked to the public in some fashion; this time being specs for the all-new iPhone 6. The posting on Amazon was quickly removed, but not before people could get a good look at it. The post was touting the new iPhone with such impressive improvements and features that it seems impressive to some, and highly unrealistic to others, which is always the problem with leaked information. Some of what the Amazon listing said seemed highly realistic, while other aspects of it are highly questionable. Until Apple confirms the technological improvements to the iPhone 6, all that exists right now is speculation and a suspicious link that was mysteriously removed from its Amazon page. The functions that the new phone is capable of are unknown, though there has been some implication of the Apple logo lighting up on the back of the phone.

The Specs of the “iPhone 6”


It’s impressive, there’s no doubt about that. If the new iPhone 6 is what the leak implied then iPhone users are in for a treat- for the most part. The phone looks bigger in multiple mockup photos that have been released. Here are the specifications that were listed on the Amazon leak:

  • A weight of 113g. or 3.99 oz. which is almost exactly the same weight as the iPhone 5s (112g.) Somehow the phone is supposed to be both bigger while weighing similarly to other models.
  • Gold color option, as well as the standard grey and silver colors. Not much is changed in this respect.
  • Similar memory specs- the “iPhone 6” caps out at 64GB of memory which is the exact same as the iPhone 5s. The Amazon leak showed that this phone will not have the fabled 128GB that has floated around the internet.
  • Dimensions of 130 x 65 x 7mm (5.11 x 2.56 x 0.26 inches) making the phone longer than previous models. This will also come with better retina display and video quality.
  • A huge price point that the leaked listing had 139,999¬• or $1,377 U.S. This puts the new phone at over $400 more than previous models.
  • The RAM of the new phone is unknown, as Apple’s A8 is likely still in development. Each iteration of iPhone has included a newer version of Apple’s processor and it would be almost impossible for this new phone to not have a better processor than previous models.
  • iOS 8 may be the default operating system for this new iPhone, as they appear to be slated for release around the same time as each other, though this is uncertain as well.

Trusting information presented through supposed leaks is always difficult, but seeing as how the post was quickly removed from Amazon Japan may lend this story some credibility. Still, to be certain that a leak is true puts a heavy burden of proof on the leak itself, or simply on the company to confirm it before the planned. Unless a leak is either completely proven within itself (while still maintaining the possibility of a hoax) or is confirmed by the developing company, there is always room for skepticism on whether the leak is valuable information or just internet fluff. Whether the post on Amazon Japan was true or not, the new iPhone 6 is sure to be even better than the last batch on Apple phones. ¬†Numerous rumors about the new phone have circulated, and anticipation of fans and consumers is getting higher than ever. Whether this leak is true or not, it has people wanting to know just what Apple really has planned, and if the Amazon leak is really what we have to look forward to, the lines outside of Apple’s store could be starting sooner than before.