May movie preview: from ‘deadpool’ to the swimming pool, summer begins with a bang

May Movie Preview: From ‘Deadpool’ to the Swimming Pool, Summer Begins with a Bang

With Marvel moving the release of Avengers: Infinity War up a week to April 27th, the usually stacked May movie list is left a bit bare. Most years, May is the time for huge blockbusters to duke it out for box office dollars. There are still two sure-fire hits coming along, but Thanos started the…

Unboxing geek fuel’s mystery box for april 2017 – get $3 off!!

Unboxing Geek Fuel’s Mystery Box for April 2017 – Get $3 Off!!

Geek Fuel is a subscription company that sends you a Monthly Mystery Box filled with everything you need to feed your geeky lifestyle. Each box contains an exclusive t-shirt, collectibles, and toys plus a downloadable Steam game. You can get the box reviewed in this article until the end of the month for $24.90 (including shipping)….

February movie preview: celebrate valentine’s with british zombies & profane superheroes

February Movie Preview: Celebrate Valentine’s With British Zombies & Profane Superheroes

You can learn a lot about a new boyfriend/girlfriend by which movie they suggest you go see on Valentine’s Day. This year’s slate of February movies is pretty broad too. So there is a lot to choose from. If your date suggests Deadpool, they’re probably a keeper. If they suggest seeing Star Wars again, marry…

‘deadpool’: the “merc with a mouth” returns to the big screen

‘Deadpool’: The “Merc With A Mouth” Returns to the Big Screen

Finally, the film that so many comic book lovers have been begging for is coming to theaters. The Marvel fan-favorite antihero mercenary Deadpool, AKA the “Merc With A Mouth,” is returning after X-Men Origins: Wolverine totally messed his character up. Here’s what we know so far. Plot and Characters Created by Fox in an effort to remedy…

Deadpool is finally getting his bloody due: a movie in february 2016

Deadpool Is Finally Getting His Bloody Due: A Movie in February 2016

Yes, yes, yes. After years of wishful thinking that maybe some exec over at Twentieth Century Fox will remove their head from their pasty candy ass and greenlight Deadpool’s well-deserved solo film, finally the Merc with a Mouth will come back to a theatre near you on February 12, 2016 with a redeemable Ryan Reynolds…

‘deadpool’ test footage leaks bloody but bleak future

‘Deadpool’ Test Footage Leaks Bloody But Bleak Future

There is but one character out there in the comic book movie multiverse that deserves redemption for the sins committed by his governing filmmakers. As many others have reaped the fruits of successful franchises, he stands out among the few dwelling in the shadows of mistakes and opportunities lost. He is Deadpool, our Merc with…

Preview: deadpool the game

Preview: Deadpool the Game

Comic fans have been waiting patiently for the arrival of Activision’s Deadpool later this year. Luckily for me, I was able to have a go on the first public demo of Deadpool for Xbox 360 at MCM London Comic Con. Marvel’s merc-with-a-mouth may have only had a brief appearance outside of his comics in X-Men…