Deadpool’s Mum Was Right: It IS the Greatest Game Ever!

If you were one the the hopeful fans of Duke Nukem who bought the Duke Nukem Forever because you wanted to re-live the crass jokes of your childhood and you’ve always secretly enjoyed using in-game toilets for no apparent reason, then my friend, I have the game you were meant to play.

Deadpool the review

The loading times are almost zero, the cut scenes are hilarious and there are many, many explosions.

It’s- Deadpool

Literally, I think this game is just the housing for the soul of Deadpool. They don’t have to keep making jokes about the whole thing, I’m completely convinced that the Merc With The Mouth himself, had something to do with putting this game together. There is no other rational explanation for the journey I took while playing this game.

The game itself isn’t very long, but what it lacks in time it makes up for in blood. Lots and lots of blood. The campaign mode took about 10 hours to complete with cut scenes included. There are also a Challenge mode which requires you to redo certain scenes with certain weapons, so give it at least another 10 hours if you want to get into all of that (which you will because this game rocks your socks off already).

Deadpool game review

Deadpool Game – Epic

It’s one thing to have a game with the title Deadpool and a picture of the guy on the cover. It’s a whole other thing to have a Deadpool game.

High Moon could have very easily gotten away with paying homage to the character in his apartment, then turned the rest of the game into a standard FPS with a side order of slice and dice. As long as he’d shouted out something inappropriate and/or wacky, it would have made it a good game. Fans of the Deadpool character (dare I call it a genre? Yes, yes I DO dare, because I’m all crazy like that) would have been pleased enough.

But High Moon went so much further.

It’s not a normal game, wearing the gag of Deadpool and pretending to be different. The game is Deadpool.

Deadpool is insane, but not stupid. Never assume something is just happening for giggles, though sometimes stuff just happens for giggles. You will be rewarded for your insanity and your refusal to accept reality and it’s constraints.

Deadpool game

As a game, I found the mechanics to be fairly good. The environment is a little sticky (in that you can get stuck on stuff) but overall not too inhibiting of movement. The aiming isn’t great, so don’t think you can go all Call of Duty with it. You have a teleportation power which you shouldn’t be mistaken in thinking can only be used when you fall off stuff, it’s a very handy device for getting away from enemies who are beating you into the ground. The combinations seemed pretty simplistic, to the point where you could probably just mash the buttons and come up with something fairly deadly. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

For someone just starting the game, I’d recommend spending Deadpool Points on getting a higher rate of fire gun as soon as possible (because RAT-A-TAT-TAT, that’s why!) and upgrading to the sai so you can pretend that Deadpool is just Raphael in disguise. (Raphael after years of drinking turps and smoking concrete).

Deadpool Game: Useless But Fun

I expected little from the game, which is probably why I’m still giddy with how much they put into it. There was so much they didn’t need to do, but did. As a huge fan of Deadpool, this game made me exceedingly happy not just for myself (though that’s the most important thing) but for those who have been a fan of Deadpool since he first arrived on the scene. They truly did not stomp on our dreams, with their boots. There are also quite noteable cameos and tributes to the X-Men Universe, for the general Marvel fan.

Deadpool game review

It’s violent, it’s a bit obscene and no, you probably shouldn’t let 12 year olds play it. For the fans, it gives us the chance to play our ‘anti-hero’. For the people who haven’t considered him before, it makes him accessible, as long as they’re willing to find the funny side of the whole concept of comic book heroes.

I give this 5 severed limbs, out of 5 severed limbs. You know what? No, that’s not enough…. 10 chimichangas out of 0 chimichangas because banana.



  1. Avatar DoctorDeadpool says:

    Opinions on this game vary wildly(this being one of my favorite reviews- one of the few that get it) and is for that reason yet another great example of games-as-art albeit a form of art that video gamers, with their steady diet of super gritty melodrama, are used to consuming.

  2. Avatar AbeKillian says:

    Go DP!!! The game was smashing – at least I got smashed more than once.
    Really fun and crazy all at once.

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