Deadpool Is Finally Getting His Bloody Due: A Movie in February 2016

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Yes, yes, yes. After years of wishful thinking that maybe some exec over at Twentieth Century Fox will remove their head from their pasty candy ass and greenlight Deadpool’s well-deserved solo film, finally the Merc with a Mouth will come back to a theatre near you on February 12, 2016 with a redeemable Ryan Reynolds set to reprise the role.

Liefeld Approved

When the test footage leaked around Comic Con this year, the internet collectively voiced their support in Deadpool’s solo adventure. Many thought that the 2 minute footage would be enough to sway the execs in removing the project from the backburner as Marvel Studios and DC’s Batman V.S. Superman clouded the headlines. Then, in a turn of events Fox surprised us all last week by adding Deadpool to the superhero overhaul to come.

Many also thought that the sins committed on Origins back in 2009 were too much considering that the film nearly derailed the franchise and all possible outcomes of Wade Wilson’s spinoff. It seems as if we all wanted a clean slate, no Reynolds. But to rest our weary hearts Rob Liefeld, true Marvel O.G. responsible for the creation of Deadpool, expressed his joy in the greenlight. “I’m thrilled for Tim Miller, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Ryan Reynolds as well as all the guys at Blur Studio! This is a tremendous achievement for them! Rhett and Paul wrote a brilliant, and I don’t throw that word around loosely, a brilliant script! Audiences are going to go on the ride of their collective lives with this film as they envisioned it,” Liefeld said in an interview with Newsarama. “Tim Miller is a genius, he is brilliant as everyone who witnessed the leaked footage witnessed! There is so much more to come! Deadpool fans will freak out when they see all that Tim and the boys have in store for them!”

Against The Odds

Even though Liefeld and the crew are ecstatic about Deadpool’s return to the big screen, there are some grave circumstances ahead. One concerning factor is that the film opens in the middle of the barren month of February, a time where we see many less successful franchises die, like Ghost Rider and Daredevil. While Deadpool has a diehard fan base, he’s still a bit obscure to the general public outside of comics and games. The rumor that Deadpool, much to the excitement of the devoted fans, will come with the infamous R rating and could segregate more of their juvenile audience and in turn generate less revenue. To schedule Deadpool for the month is a gamble, but Fox appears optimistic of a lively turnout.

Also, with Reynolds returning to the role we’re all a little divided concerning his cinematic fate. Let’s be honest, the best role Reynolds has had in recent years are the 3 seconds he was alive before Liam Neeson shot him in A Million Ways to Die in the West. Before that Mr. Reynolds was on a continuous path of misfires that nearly cursed him to the ranks of disappointing actors like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Tom Sizemore, which ironically started with his role as Deadpool in X-Men Origins. From Green Lantern, Change-Up, Turbo, and R.I.P.D., Ryan Reynolds is set either for an epic comeback that will win him “People’s Sexiest Trend” again or crash and burn and leave his career as scarred as Wilson’s mask less face.

While I would personally like to see a revamped storyline complete with new lead (Ryan Gosling anyone? Also Canadian, keep that in mind), I’m sure Ryan Reynolds is eager to rejuvenate the character and his career. After all, he and Tim Miller are set to do what Brian Singer did to Brett Ratner: erase the past.