How does habit streak help you to reach your goals through your android device?

How Does Habit Streak Help You To Reach Your Goals Through Your Android Device?

Do you continuously fail to achieve small but significant goals in life? Waking up early in the morning, cleaning the office drawer, maintaining a healthy diet, reducing the internet addiction and going for a morning walk are some examples of such goals. Jerry Seinfeld suggested the famous chain method, which Habit Streak application for Android…

Build machines to perform simple tasks through android game apparatus

Build Machines to Perform Simple Tasks through Android Game Apparatus

Apparatus If you like the brain stimulating challenges, you will probably love playing Apparatus. This game of creativity and logic bowled me over. I am sure many of you will try Apparatus soon after reading this article. You don’t have to go by the overwhelming positive rating Apparatus has on the Google Play Store. Once…

Use soundhound on your android to find any tune you want

Use SoundHound on Your Android to Find Any Tune You Want

Shazam is an Android app that I use to find out about a particular song. I am always on the look out for great alternatives, and while doing it for Shazam; I actually found one that’s very appealing. The app is called SoundHound. First of all, I have no intention of comparing the two apps….

How does advanced mobile care 2. 0 help you to keep your android safe?

How Does Advanced Mobile Care 2.0 Help You To Keep Your Android Safe?

How about an all-in-one security and performance optimization tool that can keep your Android phone in the best of health? Android Mobile Care (now available in version 2.0) from IObit does exactly that. The application is available free of cost and offers some valuable features to protect against malicious programs; like performing cloud backup, extending…

Entertainment is guaranteed with gem miner for android

Entertainment is Guaranteed With Gem Miner for Android

  Gem Miner When it comes to light entertainment and casual games, undoubtedly, Gem Miner is a great choice.  You only need to have an Android phone to play. The game is available for free at the Google Play Store and to get the hang of it, you won’t need more than a couple of…

What makes nova launcher better than the default android 4. 0 launcher?

What Makes Nova Launcher Better Than the Default Android 4.0 Launcher?

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich earned rave reviews for its visually appealing Holo theme which also accompanied a default launcher. As it turns out, a significant number of users demanded for a separate, alternative launcher. The demand was justified for the users who would use the OS on devices other than Nexus for which the…

Atooma – an android automation application that grows on you

Atooma – an Android Automation Application That Grows on You

Certain Android apps grow on you over time and Atooma is certainly one of those. This Android automation application is currently in its beta version and unlike many similar apps, it basically simplifies the automation procedure. Rather than the complicated scripts, it has configurable symbols for you, letting you to start almost immediately, without putting…

Play robo defense and get rid of boredom on your android phone

Play Robo Defense and Get Rid of Boredom on Your Android Phone

Tower defense games can be engrossing to the extent that the players may spend hours playing them. Robo Defense for Android belongs to the same genre and boasts of an extremely invigorating game play for whenever you feel bored. Available in both free and paid versions, Robo Defense involves the building up of turrets to…

Amazing alex on your android phone makes physics entertaining

Amazing Alex on Your Android Phone Makes Physics Entertaining

Amazing Alex is an Android game that deals with the basics of physics and lets you build objects from the simplest things that we see around us. There are also a ton of achievements in Amazing Alex game, the antics of a young boy and chain reactions including several objects that make it a fun…

How to manage your android ram efficiently?

How to Manage Your Android RAM Efficiently?

The Android OS designed has a ton of capabilities. Among many of its abilities is in-built memory management mechanism that works efficiently to maintain optimal usage of mobile phones. It keeps track of all the applications running simultaneously and automatically closes the applications whenever the system faces memory shortage. However, it may not be enough…

Type better on android with swiftkey 3

Type Better on Android with SwiftKey 3

Typing on Android just got better with SwiftKey 3 Typing is an integral part of our cellphone. We text others, browse through the internet, type several documents and the list goes on and on. Just like any other app, even our keyboards have become an inseparable part of our phone nowadays, I’ll discuss on one…

Amazing add-ons for firefox on android

Amazing Add-ons for Firefox on Android

Add-ons for Firefox are bringing amazing convenience and ease of use to the table! Firefox web browser and its add-ons are no longer limited for the desktop users only. With mobile web surfing continually improving with each passing day, it is not surprising the way Firefox add-ons are facilitating the Android users. Available in many…

Using the usb debugging mode on your android phone

Using the USB Debugging Mode on your Android Phone

Using the USB debugging mode on your android has never been so simple! If you are an active Android user and have browsed through relevant forums to solve your queries or problems, you should have obviously heard of the term USB Debugging. If you have a tendency to browse through your phone settings, you definitely…

Stay on top of twitter with help from falcon pro for android

Stay on Top of Twitter with Help from Falcon Pro for Android

Twitter just got a lot more fun and useful with Falcon Pro! Google Play Store now has another good reason to welcome Twitter users. Falcon Pro, a capable Twitter client for Android phones is buzzing around in the app store. The application has garnered attention and positive reviews within the short period of its launch….

Perform fun and crazy tricks on your android phone through extreme skater

Perform Fun and Crazy Tricks on Your Android Phone through Extreme Skater

In case you never dared to maintain that tricky balance on a skateboard, it is the right time to challenge your hesitation with a fun-filled game. Extreme Skater designed for the Android phones can set the wheels rolling, taking you through the electrifying world of tricks and stunts. The goal is to complete each level…