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Use SoundHound on Your Android to Find Any Tune You Want

Shazam is an Android app that I use to find out about a particular song. I am always on the look out for great alternatives, and while doing it for Shazam; I actually found one that’s very appealing. The app is called SoundHound. First of all, I have no intention of comparing the two apps. The fact of the matter is I think both are equally great apps. Moreover, the available tools on each app are quite different, so there is really no point for such comparisons.

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Installing SoundHound

SoundHound needs internet connectivity to work (It basically connects to its online database with music information and matches a song from there) and you can run it right from the SD card. The size is around 10 MB and it’s available for free.

Using SoundHound

After you start the app, you’ll notice a large orange button. If you press this, the app will try to listen to any music that is playing within earshot of the phone. As a few seconds pass, if the app finds something relevant, it will begin its search.

For best search results, you should stand as close to the source of music as possible. Remember that if other sounds interfere, the results may get manipulated. The bottom line is the app needs clear music for proper identification.

There is lots of information related to the music if it’s able to search properly. You will get the name and album of the song, an image of the album, relevant link for downloading the same from iTunes etc. If available, the app will list YouTube clips as well.

Spotify Integration of SoundHound

If you are a premium customer of Spotify, any song searched in SoundHound can directly be opened in Spotify.

Other features of SoundHound

If you are listening to a song found via SoundHound, thanks to LiveLyrics, you get to see the lyrics as well – so sing loud and proud. Another cool feature to add to the list is SoundHound can play other music files already stored on your phone.


The app will track all of the songs you have liked. Therefore, it will notify you if any free songs stream that are similar to the type of music or artist if its available.

There is a social network integration feature as well. So, if you want to follow your favorite artist, their Twitter feeds and Facebook updates will be available on SoundHound. You can share stuff with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers as well.

I promised not to compare, but since we are at the end, I can’t really help myself. So, here is a short comparison between Shazam and SoundHound.

Shazam has been around for a long time and is already a favorite among many users. However, SoundHound has its own set of time saving features such as shake on search, listen on startup, sharing to Twitter or Facebook etc. I recommend you give SoundHound a try, even if you are a fan of Shazam. The final call will be yours, but don’t be quick to judge until you’ve given SoundHound a good run.

Which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.