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Play Robo Defense and Get Rid of Boredom on Your Android Phone

Tower defense games can be engrossing to the extent that the players may spend hours playing them. Robo Defense for Android belongs to the same genre and boasts of an extremely invigorating game play for whenever you feel bored. Available in both free and paid versions, Robo Defense involves the building up of turrets to block the forces of the enemy from crossing a particular part of the available map in the game. The aim is to stop them from conquering your fortress or base and the game allows players to achieve this in many interesting ways, so that the players are always kept entertained.

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Robo Defense Features

In simple words, there is a lot to offer to the Robo Defense players. Robo Defense can be a good brain exercise, as it will involve your quick-thought processes to:

Create an obstructing course with turrets to ensure that the enemies don’t follow a direct route to your base and forces them to select the tougher path available.

Choose among a variety of turrets with varied sets of weapons and defense mechanisms.

Upgrade turrets in the middle of the game to deploy better defense while protecting it from the enemies.

The game becomes interesting with the involvement of diverse enemy waves that may consist of enemy troops, motorcycles, tanks and aerial units. To knock them off, you can also vary your defenses by deploying guns, rocket launchers, mortars and surface to air missiles. Remember that to activate and deploy each of these turrets, you must have specific points. Killing more enemies can help you consistently earn points to deploy more turrets. As the game progresses, you can unlock new abilities that can add to the fun quotient of this entertaining game.

The free version of the game restricts the game to a single map and only 10 levels. Robo Defense’s paid version costs $2.99 and adds multiple levels and many interesting maps to keep the player engrossed.

Robo defense
Robo Defense

So, what are the most amazing features of Robo Defense that makes it a decent tower defense game?

  • Impressive graphics that match with the game’s mood.
  • Excellent touch controls that allow easy deploying and upgrading of turrets also becomes a seamless process.
  • An interesting game play that can keep you hooked for hours.
  • Auto-save and load features that help to save the game in the middle and reload it later.
  • A good strategy building exercise for the players.

Another good aspect of the game is the active involvement of developers who frequently release new features. Lupis Labs deserves appreciation for bringing an exciting tower defense game for the Android users and if you have any experience in playing this engaging game, please share your feedback with us in the comments below!