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Atooma – an Android Automation Application That Grows on You

Certain Android apps grow on you over time and Atooma is certainly one of those. This Android automation application is currently in its beta version and unlike many similar apps, it basically simplifies the automation procedure. Rather than the complicated scripts, it has configurable symbols for you, letting you to start almost immediately, without putting much effort to understand how Atooma works.

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There are a lot of automations that you can make with Atooma, but, in this article, I will mainly focus on two. First, how you can set an alarm clock and secondly, how, using Atooma, you can save the battery life of your phone.

Setting the Alarm Clock with Soothing Music through Atooma

For me, the customary alarm clock sounds like an ear-piercing shrill tone and I believe many others feel similarly as well. With Atooma, it’s actually possible to play sounds from the internet while waking you up. To make this work, you need to have an MP3 of your choice along with the location details. Otherwise, you can have an Internet based radio program installed on your Android based phone as well.

The steps to follow are illustrated below:

  1. Launch Atooma and make sure that you are logged in through your Google account at the same time.
  2. Now, click on “New Atooma” and grant it the required access. Now, select the mobile icon and then the time icon.
  3. Tap on the “Set Time” option with your finger.

Now, you have to select the wake up time of your choice. You can also set it for any day of a week and make it repeat every week as well. After deciding on your preferences, click “OK” and head to the “DO” action part.

Here, you can set up a specific function when a criterion meets. Here, choose the music file that you want to open. If Internet radio app is your choice, skip to the “Launching an App” option.

Final step is to select “Media Player”, then “Play Audio” and finally pick up a relevant audio file.


Save Battery Life through Atooma

Wi-Fi connections consume a lot of battery of your Android phone and through Atooma you can turn off the wireless functions by switching the airplane mode on when you go to bed. Steps are illustrated below:

  1. Go to “Mobile” menu and tap the Time icon.
  2. Now, select a time when you don’t use the phone and tap the “Do” button.
  3. Now, select the airplane mode icon and choose to turn it on at that pre specified time.
  4. Similarly, you can turn off the airplane mode at a pre-specified time frame as well.

While using Atooma, you need to save all of your pre-specified actions as recipes. This helps you, through better action management.