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Build Machines to Perform Simple Tasks through Android Game Apparatus


If you like the brain stimulating challenges, you will probably love playing Apparatus. This game of creativity and logic bowled me over. I am sure many of you will try Apparatus soon after reading this article.

Apparatus for android

You don’t have to go by the overwhelming positive rating Apparatus has on the Google Play Store. Once you start playing it, you will use words such as amazing, addictive, fun, challenging, and creative to name only a few words that players are using to describe Apparatus.

How Does Apparatus Work?

The game is based on classical mechanics. The actual goal is to put a blue marble (A few for the advanced levels) into a blue goal, but, while doing so, you will be building some complex mechanical structures.

Contraptions will be presented to you in each of the screens and you need to put them together for moving the ball ahead. Make sure to follow the basic rules of Physics while playing the game, otherwise, the created structures will fall off.

Apparatus Basics

It costs only $2.49 and is available to users with an Android version of 1.6 or higher. The current game version is 1.1 and the game size is only 9.5 MB. There are 44 levels in total; however, 10 Christmas level packs are available as a bonus feature.

How to Play Apparatus

If you are not sure about the objective, tap on the “?” mark. The instructions are actually updated dynamically based on the structure that you are forming, something I really loved. There is no time limit to complete a level. There are no penalties or points either. The game to me seemed like a test of logic and patience.

Play apparatus for android

Sandbox for Apparatus

This is where the real fun began for me. Through this feature, you can construct machines from some basic parts. Those can then be thrown for other gamers. There are two different modes of the Sandbox: Challenge and Apparatus. The former lets you create a puzzle from scratch and then you can upload the same for others. The latter, on the other hand, lets you construct a machine of your own. There is not really an objective in this mode, you simply create prototypes of the already working machines.

The Sandbox features lets you go beyond the 44 actual levels and have some fun. The gallery of all the community created models comes with a few tips as well. However, these need to be separately downloaded and are not an integral part of the actual game.

Apparatus is not a simple game; rather it tastes your logical skills and understanding of mechanics. To be honest, the game grows on you after time.