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How Does Habit Streak Help You To Reach Your Goals Through Your Android Device?

Do you continuously fail to achieve small but significant goals in life? Waking up early in the morning, cleaning the office drawer, maintaining a healthy diet, reducing the internet addiction and going for a morning walk are some examples of such goals. Jerry Seinfeld suggested the famous chain method, which Habit Streak application for Android has converted into a wonderful way to achieve goals. The application does everything, from motivating to performance tracking and habit building, to keep one glued to the set goals.

Habit streak app for android

Easy Goal Setting Through Habit Streak

Habit Streak allows the user to set goals in an effective manner that can engage instant mental response. For a particular goal, you can feed a relevant title and a question about whether you performed the related task or not. Let me give you an example for better understanding:

If you are a Facebook addict, trying for the past few months to limit the usage of the social networking site, you can set the goal with the title as ‘Facebook’ and the question like ‘Did you use Facebook for less than an hour today?’

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Building the Chain With Habit Streak

The chain or streak starts building as you successfully pursue the set task on everyday basis. The day you miss the task, the old streak will break and a new one will then start building up. Lengths of different streaks for a particular task can be compared at any time. Moreover, you can set multiple goals simultaneously and watch the multiple streaks being built at the very same time.

Getting Motivated With Habit Streak

Habit Streak motivates users in a number of ways and below are those illustrated:

The designated tasks pop up as quiz at previously set times for a prompt response from the user.

Reminders at regular intervals are issued to motivate the user to save the chains from breaking.

Success indicators change color according to the streak lengths that keep the user happy about long chains and encourages the users to extend the short ones.

Quick comparisons, like current streak length with the best streak length and successful day proportions are also provided through this app.

Habit streak for android
Habit Streak Goals

Habit Streak – The Positive Aspects

Takes chain method of marking and observing chains on physical calendars to a new level with Android smart phone devices.

Free version is useful, while the paid Pro version is better and available at only at a small cost of $3.10. The ultimate decision is yours though!

Latest Apps For Android

The latest version has improved layouts, past streak graph feature, reduced installation size and provision of adding widgets to the home screen.

Keep a track of every New Year resolution with Habit Streak. Be smart and active in achieving those simple goals that always seemed to be unattainable.