Perform Fun and Crazy Tricks on Your Android Phone through Extreme Skater

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In case you never dared to maintain that tricky balance on a skateboard, it is the right time to challenge your hesitation with a fun-filled game. Extreme Skater designed for the Android phones can set the wheels rolling, taking you through the electrifying world of tricks and stunts. The goal is to complete each level while maintaining balance on a skateboard, but that’s not all. Anything from rusty pipes to dinosaur skeletons may come your way and you need to tackle them to move ahead in the game.

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The game has 78 exciting levels divided into 4 different environments, each with engaging graphics and perfectly matching sounds. Jungle Adventures, Parks, Lava Mountain and Urban Mayhem are the 4 environments and a new player is recommended to choose Jungle theme in the beginning, as it also acts as a game tutorial, helping the player to get an exact feel of the game.

Miniclip, the brain behind the game, has taken their original online game (Extreme Skater started off as an online based game) to the mobile phones in a superb manner. While playing through every level, you can earn coins that can unlock the doors of the game store. Many exciting things including new skateboard designs and new rider appearances can be purchased with the earned coins. The most worthy of them is the ability to skip a level that you are finding too difficult to cross.

The most exciting art of the game is the way a user can control the different features of the game. Apart from using the device’s accelerometer to control the rider’s speed, you can change the angles and maintain proper balance by tilting the device to left or right. Swiping the screen can help your rider to jump over the obstacles. More tricks can help you claim more coins and the exciting stunts can keep you engaged for long. Not to forget, the earned coins can also be used to buy more tricks from the store.

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Extreme Skater has the combined excitement of an arcade game and a racing game. Graphics are of high resolution and they actually keep on improving with each level. The game is easy to download from your app store and is available free of cost for the Android phones. You will not mind playing the game for hours together, even if it is not very friendly with the phone’s battery and can readily consume it.

Add excitement to your life and perform all those funky things on that crazy skateboard. Every member of your family would love to give it a try. If you have already tried out the same, don’t forget to share what you liked or disliked with all the readers through the comments feature.