Samsung Galaxy S4’s Display Will Put the iPhone 5’s Retina to Shame

Galaxy S4 Display vs Retina

For the last couple of years, the quality of smartphones isn’t measured by the number of cores and the amount of storage on the device; but by the display resolution and the sharpness of the display play, which of course is an important role in determining the quality of a smartphone. According to a recent report, the next addition to Samsung’s top-selling Galaxy S line-up is going to sport a high resolution display, and will have the highest resolution of any other smartphone currently available in the market; this also includes the iPhone 5 with its retina display.

Samsung galaxy series

Samsung Galaxy Series

In the past few weeks, we have watched (and read) the good news roll in for Samsung; proof positive that their Galaxy Series has really paid off. Reports are flooding in about the tech giants last quarter, and their bold predictions about 2013 and the mobile market. Apple on the other hand, has some serious soul searching to do, with the future of their device line. Apple stocks seem to be taking a tumble, while many see smooth sailing ahead for Samsung.

Even though Samsung has kept the details on their next flagship device tightly wrapped, it has been known for quite sometime that the Galaxy S4 will at the very least come with a Super AMOLED display, with a pixel density of 440ppi. Although, newer reports are claiming the Korean giant will ditch the traditional side by side pixel layout for the latest hexagonal diamond layout.  This allows more pixels to be stuffed into a smaller space. This would definitely be a bigger step from the current Galaxy S3’s 306ppi display and even the iPhone 5’s 326ppi Retina display.

Samsung flexible mobile phone
CES 2013, Las Vegas


The Samsung Galaxy S line-up has been the most popular smartphone franchise and has managed to capture a large market share. Even though the Korean manufacturer has been quite mum on the details about the Galaxy S4, we are almost sure a better display is on the list. At CES in Las Vegas, Samsung showed us a prototype of a bendable display and it looks brilliant. But, we are still not sure if Samsung is going to introduce it with the next flagship Galaxy S phone. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we get any more info about the matter.

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  1. It sounds like an utterly pointless “upgrade” since no one will be able to notice the difference at that size of screen (hence the “retina” display).
    But they will be able to notice the much higher power drain due to 2x the number of pixels, personally I would actually choose a 720P screen over this as a benefit, but I guess some suckers will go for the bigger numbers.

  2. the phone will be more power efficient than previous phones and have a bigger battery. the PHOLED screen is rumored to have 40% better power efficiency and the 8 core processor is acturaly 2x quad cores. 1 set of cores for high performance and 1 set for light use which is highly power efficient.

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