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Zombies, Run! 5K Training iOS App Review and GIVEAWAY!

Zombies, Run! 5K Training from Six to Start makes exercising exciting!

App developer, Six to Start, has officially made exercise fun again. You can forget listening to that same old playlist on your iPod at the gym. Now, you’ll be running for your life.

Zombies, Run!5K is the perfect way to whip yourself in to shape in preparation for a 5k and have a blast doing it. The app consists of an 8-week program that combines awesome storytelling with expert training and know-how.

Zombies, run!

Inside the app, you are known simply as ‘Runner 5’, an endangered member of one of the last groups of remaining humans at ‘Abel Township.’ During your 8-week stent of training, you will run in real time (at the gym or down your street) to protect your people from the slowly approaching walking-dead. You will also retrieve supplies to help sustain your camp through its toughest challenges.

With a story-line written by novelist Naomi Alderman, you are sure to become completely immersed in your vital missions as you burn calories and get in shape! Once you have completed your missions and saved your people, the excitement continues on Six to Start’s ‘Zombies,Run!’ app.

This app is great for beginners who are not yet ready to tackle long distances but still want to workout in a fun and exciting way. The app contains easy to understand workout directions and gives you control over when the zombies start to chase you.You can even use your own music within the app as the zombie adventure unfolds!

Zombies, Run! 5K Training has been featured in Wired, Time, The New York Times, and has become the worlds most successful smartphone exercise game. Give it a try and turn your boring workout routine into an exciting flight for your life!

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