Bill Gates does “God’s Work”

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Bill Gates, dubbed as one of the richest men in the world, states that his Foundation’s push for vaccination is actually God’s work.

In his latest interview with the UK newspaper, The London Telegraph, Bill Gates is now committed to dedicating his life to a world where there is already an “eradication of poliomyelitis” – or at the very least, he is committed to the idea of worldwide vaccination as the only means of achieving this desired end.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been actively working towards the eradication of polio in locations such as Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It can be also noted that in Pakistan, few health workers sacrificed their lives by advocating the use of the vaccine and by actively distributing the vaccine to several patients because Islamist groups viewed the vaccine as an evil product of Western culture.

According to the couple, as stated on their official Foundation website:

“Our friend and co-trustee Warren Buffett once gave us some great advice about philanthropy: “Don’t just go for safe projects,” he said. “Take on the really tough problems.””

Well, I’ll say – fighting the belief of those Islamic groups who think that the vaccine is a “front cover for covert sterilization” is definitely a tough one, considering that a lot of past health workers have paid with their lives already.

When interviewed about his opinion on the aforementioned Pakistani health workers’ demise, Bill Gates has this to say about the matter:

“It’s not going to stop us succeeding. It does force us to sit down with the Pakistan government to renew their commitments, see what they’re going to do in security and make changes to protect the women who are doing God’s work and getting out to these children and delivering the vaccine.”

Bill Gates has been known to state that they’ve been focused on helping the poorest of the poor, thereby bringing them once again to the solution that can be materialized in vaccination. One can also see why Bill Gates is passionate on eradicating polio, a disease that can be prevented neatly and definitely as long as the vaccine has been delivered.

On the other hand, though, it seems that you can’t really blame these Islamic groups from strongly opposing the vaccination program led by Bill Gates and his wife – these Islamic groups also have the right to be cynical and suspicious about the program.

After all, it was Bill Gates who famously said that if we all do a really great job on new vaccines, health care and reproductive health services, we can actually lower the world’s population by ten (10) to fifteen (15) percent.

Also, Bill Gates’ vaccines have been notoriously blamed for the high number of deaths and disabilities in Pakistan. The offices of the government in the country are even recommending the suspension of the vaccines themselves in order to prevent further damage.

There are two sides of a coin, after all.

Various skeptics are also noting the uncharacteristic mention of God by Bill Gates, who has once said that “religion is not very efficient as there’s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning.”

Is Bill Gates finally going to be “converted”? Or did he simply utter an idiom?