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Stay on Top of Twitter with Help from Falcon Pro for Android

Twitter just got a lot more fun and useful with Falcon Pro!

Google Play Store now has another good reason to welcome Twitter users. Falcon Pro, a capable Twitter client for Android phones is buzzing around in the app store. The application has garnered attention and positive reviews within the short period of its launch. The reason being its ability to make accessing tweets simple, hassle-free and smooth. Scrolling down through the tweets has never been easier or smoother as with Falcon Pro.

Falcon pro - 1

The user interface of the application has an eye-pleasing finesse that instantly engages the user. What makes it even more stylish is the inline previewing of images and videos. Tapping an image makes it bigger for a full-screen view. Beveled viewing of individual tweets further confirms the application’s well-thought elegance.

Falcon Pro takes tweet-reading to another level altogether, with an integrated super-fast browser that opens the link included in a tweet instantly. No messy views, but seamlessly integrated ones are arranged for a pleasant reading experience for the users. Worth mentioning is the sharpness with which the text-based tweets appear. Apart from that, there are quick buttons to reply and retweet.

Double sliding menu allows the user to conduct customized searchs, view saved lists or to have a quick look on what’s trending around the world. Another notable feature is that a single tap on any hashtag can open up the innumerable tweets related to the topic. Turn off the notifications using ‘Sync’ and ‘Notifications’ menu or select the display settings (like font size or date format) from the ‘Display’ sub-menu. So that you don’t lose the track of the tweet you are reading, the feature called ‘Tweetmarker’ is available. As the name suggests, you can mark any specific tweet through this feature and be informed readily on any update related to the same.

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The initial versions of Falcon Pro supported only dark theme, a limitation that has been removed with the light themes in the new version. ‘Tweet Drafts’ and an offline favorite selection are features that effectively extend the application’s usefulness. Not to forget, the application can make optimal utilization of your phone’s battery life by adjusting settings like live updating.

The developer of this amazing application, Joaquim Verges, is leaving no stones unturned by adding new features with every new version of Falcon Pro. Be it the ability to view the tweet above 140 characters in one go or the latest addition to allow YouTube video viewing, the application is getting more exciting day by day. If you have Android 2.2 or higher, there is nothing that can match the smooth running of this Twitter client. If you have used this amazing app already, we would love to hear what you think. Go ahead and comment below!