Amazing Add-ons for Firefox on Android

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Add-ons for Firefox are bringing amazing convenience and ease of use to the table!

Firefox web browser and its add-ons are no longer limited for the desktop users only. With mobile web surfing continually improving with each passing day, it is not surprising the way Firefox add-ons are facilitating the Android users. Available in many categories and for different purposes, add-ons for Firefox help the Android users to extend their web browsing experience. Check out the most popular add-ons Firefox has to offer:

Adblock Plus

Adblock plus

Customize your web surfing experience and block the frustrating advertisements with Adblock Plus. Set the filters for ads and banners according to your own preferences. While the add-on allows the users to unblock acceptable ads, another add-on called Adblock Edge completely blocks all ads and is preferred by many. However, the ultimate choice is yours anyway! There is another advantage of blocking ads as the load time of webpages get smaller. This is particularly useful for people with limited connectivity while using their smartphone.



You can have your very own style manager in the form of Stylish, an add-on that allows the users to choose among the available themes and skins for Google, YouTube, Facebook and others sites.



Use this add-on to get the next page automatically loaded as soon as you reach the end of the current page while surfing the sites like Google, Digg and Yahoo. What makes AutoPager more exciting is the way it filters out the advertisements to make the page loading faster.

Less Spam, Please

Less spam, please

An interesting add-on for Android users, it allows the creation of temporary email address if you are not willing to use your main email account due to security reasons. Dispose the email address as soon as you finish using it and reuse it in the future as well.

Facebook Phishing Protector

Facebook phishing protector

Keep your Facebook account safe and immune to hacking when browsing through it using Firefox on Android. The add-on detects and informs the user about any suspicious activity. Incidents like script injection attempts can be prevented by installing the add-on.

URL Fixer

Url fixer

Typos are common and usually unavoidable especially while surfing the web on a phone. Android users can take advantage of this Firefox add-on to get the typos automatically fixed. Custom corrections can also be set by the user. A small, but worthy extension!



Shoptimate is an add-on designed to let the online buyers obtain the best prices for different items. A price comparison add-on, it is designed to offer price alerts as well as coupons.

The list of amazing add-ons for Firefox on Android is really long, but you can start with the above-mentioned ones. Give your mobile web browsing through Firefox a whole new meaning with these useful extensions.