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OUYA Controller Gets Pre-Production Adjustments


OUYA: The New Way To Game

It has been a month since the first OUYA Dev consoles were shipped out and since then looks like the company has been taking the initial feedback and suggestions rather seriously. On the basis of received feedback, the company will be making some pre-production changes and adjustments to the OUYA controller to make it more suitable for gamers.

The following note was posted on the company’s website

A lot of the feedback underscored things we were already changing, some comments were totally new, but ALL were great to hear.

This will result in changes to the thumbsticks, triggers, d-pad, touchpad and the battery bay. Lets start with the thumbsticks. First, they were said to need more grip, so a high quality rubberized top will resolve the issue. With the triggers, the OUYA note says that the original setup wasn’t actually there so they’ll just make the triggers more flush with the controller’s body. The d-pad will be changing from a disc style to the normal cross style to eliminate any accidental diagonal movement during game play. Finally, the battery bay will be changed to having a much more tighter fit and the higher quality material will be used for the pull tab.
All of these changes will definitely make the OUYA controller one of the best gaming controllers, right there on top with the Xbox 360 controller. I know PS3 fans would disagree but, in my opinion, the Xbox 360’s controller is the best console controller ever. It was the only reason I bought an Xbox 360 besides Xbox LIVE.

There are still more changes and adjustments for the controller that will added to it before the final product comes out. It looks like the OUYA team isn’t resting until they make OUYA the best console ever.

What are your thoughts on the OUYA console? Do you think it will change the way we game? Let us know by commenting below.