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How Does Advanced Mobile Care 2.0 Help You To Keep Your Android Safe?

How about an all-in-one security and performance optimization tool that can keep your Android phone in the best of health? Android Mobile Care (now available in version 2.0) from IObit does exactly that. The application is available free of cost and offers some valuable features to protect against malicious programs; like performing cloud backup, extending battery life and other similar functions. Want more? This application is visually pleasing with great layouts. Keep reading and learn what else you can do with this fantastic little app:

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Identify and Remove Applications through Advanced Mobile Care 2.0

There might be some applications on your Android that you never use. The App Manager feature of the Advanced Mobile Care 2.0, allows users to identify unnecessary apps on the basis of usage frequency; and whether to delete or uninstall. You can remove multiple applications in bulk at once.

Advanced Mobile Care 2.0 Lets You Obtain Privacy Advice

Are you aware there may be applications on your Android that access your personal information? Privacy Advisor is one of the top features of this app, and it lists all the applications along with the information they access. This can help you identify and remove certain applications that may be trying to access your most sensitive information.

Speed up Your Gaming Experience through Advanced Mobile Care 2.0

Slow gaming is a common issue with mobile phone users. With the help of Advanced Mobile Care’s feature called ‘Game Speeder’, you can smoothly launch and play the games installed on your device. The feature speeds up the gaming experience by eliminating unnecessary actions. It is a must-have feature if you’re an ardent mobile gamer and have high-end games on your Android.

Advanced mobile care 2. 0
Advanced Mobile Care 2.0

Advanced Mobile Care 2.0 Lets You Save and Extend Battery Life

The Battery Saver feature is another highlight of the application. With its help, you can utilize three different modes to extend the life of your Android’s battery. Going further, the feature also keeps the user informed about the applications that are consuming most of the battery life.

One Tap Scan through Advanced Mobile Care 2.0

Advanced Mobile Care uses this feature to instantly scan the phone and remove the threats of malicious programs like spyware and malware. Junk files can also be removed with this feature, thereby cleaning the phone’s memory and cache. Needless to say, the feature helps in enhancing the device’s speed.

The ‘Privacy Locker’ feature can help you lock important files and videos with passwords. The ‘Cloud Backup’ feature helps to maintain a backup for all important files and contact lists. Last, but definitely not least, the ‘Task Killer’ feature instantly shuts down tasks that may be unnecessarily running on your device. With all these features, Advanced Mobile Care deserves the attention of every Android user.