Can we talk about ‘it’ and beverly’s damsel in distress trope?

Can We Talk About ‘It’ and Beverly’s Damsel in Distress Trope?

Stephen King’s It has been adapted a second time, this time in film. The movie was released September 8th, and ever since, viewers have been bringing up a certain scene that was in the book and wondering how it would play out in the film. In the novel, after the kids have defeated Pennywise, they…

‘neo yokio’ premieres on netflix this friday and it could really go either way

‘Neo Yokio’ Premieres on Netflix This Friday and It Could Really Go Either Way

Neo Yokio is premiering on Netflix on September 22nd, so let’s discuss why this anime might be different from all the others. Neo Yokio is a Korean, Japanese, and American co-production. It combines wonder kid Jaden Smith and musician Ezra Koenig to make a weird and crazy show. Kaz Kaan (voiced by Jaden Smith) is a…

Is rotten tomatoes destroying hollywood?

Is Rotten Tomatoes Destroying Hollywood?

In a recent article from The New York Times, Hollywood blamed rating website Rotten Tomatoes for their loss in viewers and revenue. “Studio executives’ complaints include the way its Tomatometer hacks off critical nuance, the site’s loose definition of who qualifies as a critic and the spread of scores across the web. Last year, scores…

There’s a new season of ‘bojack horseman’ on netflix in september and we’re here for it

There’s a New Season of ‘Bojack Horseman’ on Netflix in September and We’re Here For It

Season four of Netflix’s animated series Bojack Horseman is debuting September 8th, and early reviews are already out. Some reviews have called it a satire of the 2016 presidential election saying, “The show uses this election arc as a means to a number of fascinating, fruitful ends. It pokes fun at how malleable a candidate’s…

A new take on a twisted romance? Harley quinn and the joker get their own movie

A New Take on a Twisted Romance? Harley Quinn and The Joker Get Their Own Movie

The famed toxic relationship that everyone knows and loves is getting its debut. Harley Quinn and The Joker are getting their own movie. Jared Leto and Margot Robbie are set to reprise their roles in the upcoming film which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will be directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the guys…

Is it equal? Lgbt characters on television

Is It Equal? LGBT Characters on Television

LGBT characters on television or film don’t seem to stick around. Especially when it comes to queer women. Queer female characters or relationships are never the spotlight of television and film. It’s typically a straight couple and any queer relationship is some side character that had no depth. And the relationships and characters are never…

The incredible jessica james: a different kind of rom-com

The Incredible Jessica James: A Different Kind of Rom-Com

Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams has stepped away from her usual television gigs to star in Netflix’s The Incredible Jessica James. And Williams did not change anything about her hilarious and refreshing self for this lead role. Williams plays the lead role Jessica James who is an early 20s, nose ring wearing, African American playwrite….

Weirdest tech of 2017

Weirdest Tech of 2017

Hushme If you work in an office environment, this device is for you. Need to focus but your coworkers are being a little too loud? Use the Hushme. It sort of looks like a torture device, but Hushme is the “first face mask for mobile phones…Hushme can be worn as a standard neckband-style wireless headphone…

Late night talk show host john oliver and hbo being sued by coal baron

Late Night Talk Show Host John Oliver and HBO Being Sued by Coal Baron

John Oliver, late night talk show host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, is being sued by coal baron and owner of Murray Energy Corporation, Robert Murray for “defamatory” comments Oliver made on his show. The lawsuit which was filed in West Virginia earlier this week, claims Oliver had malicious intent and that many of his…

Glow: netflix’s bedazzled wrestling comedy has a ton of buzz

GLOW: Netflix’s Bedazzled Wrestling Comedy Has a Ton of Buzz

Nostalgia and period pieces have been a good selling point for Netflix of late with shows like Stranger Things and F is for Family. Netflix has just added another to the list: GLOW. GLOW is set in 1985 and focuses on females breaking the mold. When people think of wrestling, most picture famous men: Stone Cold…

‘house of cards’ season 5: more backstabbing and big twists

‘House of Cards’ Season 5: More Backstabbing and Big Twists

Beloved Netflix favorite House of Cards premiered its fifth season on May 30th, and finished off Netflix’s jam packed month with just the right amount of energy. House of Cards has always kept viewers on the edge of their seat. Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) are constantly fighting their way…

‘twin peaks: the return’ – after 27 years, david lynch’s cult hit is back

‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ – After 27 years, David Lynch’s Cult Hit is Back

Twin Peaks: The Return premiered May 21 on Showtime and received nothing short of a standing ovation from fans and critics. Season three picks up right where season two left off. Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is waiting in the red themed Black Lodge. Other familiar faces make appearances in the first two episodes that premiered….