When Memes Become Reality: ‘Disaster Artist’

A friend has probably shown it to you. You have heard the rumors or the inside jokes. You could at least recognize that The Room was possibly the most cringe worthy film ever made. And its director even cringier. And now here’s our chance to break down (kind of) just exactly what is up with Tommy Wiseau.

Disaster Artist will hit screens December 1st, and Twitter and news outlets are already demanding James Franco receive an Oscar for his performance. The film’s cast is full of comedic geniuses. Franco plays mysterious Tommy Wiseau. Franco’s brother Dave portrays Wiseau’s best friend who wrote the novel Disaster Artist, Greg Sestero, Seth Rogan – aka Franco’s bff -plays Sandy Schklair. Josh Hutcherson is Philip Haldiman. Zac Efron plays Dan Janjigian. Hannibal Buress is Dan Janjigian, and the list of celebrities attached to this film goes on.

After the release of the trailer, those on Twitter sent out tweets like:

And Franco certainly should receive some type of recognition because portraying a character like Tommy Wiseau can’t be easy.

The film, which is based on the novel, delves into just how eccentric and impossible Tommy Wiseau is. And it dove into some of those rumors, like Wiseau actually being Billy the Kid and just exactly what country is he from? In a review for a Disaster Artist, the novel by A.V Club, Wiseau is described as “Wiseau isn’t just a beautiful dreamer trying to get his movie made, he’s also a tyrant with blinders on, chasing a vision that literally every person around him understands is ridiculous”

Those who love the ultimate meme that The Room and Tommy Wiseau have become can only hope that Disaster Artist will do the two justice. Here’s the trailer:

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