GLOW: Netflix’s Bedazzled Wrestling Comedy Has a Ton of Buzz

Glow on netflix

Nostalgia and period pieces have been a good selling point for Netflix of late with shows like Stranger Things and F is for Family. Netflix has just added another to the list: GLOW.

GLOW is set in 1985 and focuses on females breaking the mold. When people think of wrestling, most picture famous men: Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. But in GLOW, everyday women are the ones rolling around to make ends meet. The show is a star-studded comedy, with lead actress Alison Brie and actors Marc Maron and Chris Lowell rounding out the cast. The half hour bedazzled big-hair comedy already has a ton of raving reviews and is set to air June 23.

Ruth (Brie) is a struggling actress in 1980s Hollywood where jobs are few and far between. Ruth and a group of other “unconventional” women audition for a low-budget wrestling league. The league is hosted by a failed grind house movie director (Maron) and a trust fund kid (Lowell). With a very a low-budget, the team works together to make the wrestling appear as if it is real. Brie is certainly not the typical “good girl” in GLOW and it’s fun to see her playing a very different role than she has in the past. The other women in the are also given depth, which is great to see. The characters display actual real life people. A USA Today review sheds light on the true to life cast, “Britney Young as Carmen, the daughter of a wrestling legend trying to make her own mark, and Betty Gilpin as Debbie, a former soap star wrangled into the ring in the middle of a personal life crisis.”

The show’s executive producer is Jenji Kohan, the creator of Netflix’s other female centered drama Orange is the New Black, and the similarities are noticeable. The show focuses on the diverse group of individuals and what is underneath their surfaces, breaking stereotypes. The creators know the main plot point is wrestling though, and they find a way to make it enjoyable to those who have never watched it or think they might not enjoy it.

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