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Windows phone 8. 1 os update

Windows Phone 8.1 OS Update

The Windows Phone 8 OS is finally getting its first major update. While the phone’s software has had three smaller updates, this is the first one big enough to move it from 8.0 to 8.1, bring the phone software up to speed with its desktop counterpart. The Main Features Wallpaper: Something we assume is universal to all smartphones,…

New tricks: htc’s hd2 remains the master of adaptation

New Tricks: HTC’s HD2 Remains the Master of Adaptation

It’s only been just over four years since HTC shipped the HD2, their new Windows Mobile flagship. It was received as a behemoth at the time, a great big tank of a phone ready to conquer the world and revive the fortunes of the struggling Windows Mobile platform. As such, it was desperately unfortunate for…

From tired to tiles: the reinvention of microsoft

From Tired to Tiles: the Reinvention of Microsoft

By tech industry standards, it’s been an eternity since Microsoft ascended to dominance in the field of personal computing with its Windows operating systems. It’s thus not surprising that people have typically spoken of them as unfashionable dinosaurs, functional but not innovative. As they push hard for a sizeable share of the booming mobile sector,…

Nokia world 2013: news roundup

Nokia World 2013: News Roundup

Nokia had some major announcements to make at the Nokia World event held in Abu Dhabi recently. Apart from a number of big-screen devices, there was also news on Instagram for Windows Phones. Let’s have a quick recap: Nokia World 2013 The Lumia Tablet Nokia’s long rumored Lumia tablet finally became official in Abu Dhabi….

Windows phone update 3 is finally official

Windows Phone Update 3 is Finally Official

Windows Phone’s long-awaited update is now finally official. Previously called General Distribution Release 3, it has been renamed to ‘Update 3’, and should start rolling out to users in a few weeks. Support for HD displays, Quad-core Processors, and More With Windows Phone 8 Update 3, there’s finally support for bigger devices on the platform….

Nokia launching 6 new devices on oct 22

Nokia launching 6 New Devices on Oct 22

Nokia will be unveiling half a dozen new devices at an event to be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates next month. Nokia announced the event – Innovation Reinvented – in a tweet last week.   Nokia Expected To Launch 6 New Devices Nokia has not gone on record to mention that it will…

Nokia was testing android on lumia before microsoft deal

Nokia Was Testing Android on Lumia Before Microsoft Deal

Reports have emerged claiming Nokia had been testing Android on its Lumia handsets before the sale of its Devices & Services division to Microsoft. The company reportedly had Android running on its Lumia phones and was strongly considering dumping Windows Phone before the Microsoft deal happened out of nowhere. Android Was Up and Running On…

CEO Talks About the Next 150 Years for Nokia

Finnish giant Nokia seems to have gotten very optimistic, post its sale to Microsoft. Well, it’s CEO, to be precise. The company’s current interim CEO – Risto Siilasmaa, is envisioning the company 150 years in to the future. Yes, 150. “This is the beginning of the next 150 years of Nokia’s story” As part of…

Coming soon: 6 inch nokia bandit

Coming Soon: 6 Inch Nokia Bandit

Nokia might be entering the phablet market with a new rumored device – the Nokia Bandit. The device is said to be launching this year, and should sport a mammoth 6 inch screen. Nokia Bandit To Have Gigantic Display The Verge has been tipped off by sources that the Finnish manufacturer is testing a 6…

Google blocks youtube on windows phone

Google Blocks YouTube on Windows Phone

Microsoft and Google continue to haggle over multiple issues. Microsoft has been upset after Google recently blocked access to YouTube on Microsoft’s Windows Phone app because the app apparently violated Google’s Terms of Use. Google Blocks YouTube It all started 2 years ago, when Microsoft criticized Google for not letting it deliver a fully featured…

Microsoft offering up to $100k to app developers

Microsoft Offering Up To $100K to App Developers

Microsoft is trying really hard to bring as many developers to its Windows Phone platform as it possibly can and fortunately for the company, many developers have ported their apps to the platform. Now, Microsoft has taken a bold step to encourage more developers to bring their apps to the platform, by offering up to…

New windows phone advert: apple vs samsung

New Windows Phone advert: Apple vs Samsung

As part of Microsoft’s “switch” campaign, with the ailing company always pointing out exaggerated flaws in iOS and Android, and urging users to “switch to Windows Phone”, Microsoft has released yet another advert that features guests fighting over their devices at a wedding. [youtube]   The advert depicts a wedding, where a guest seems…

‘Switch to Windows Phone’: A Microsoft app for Android

Microsoft has a new strategy in its campaign to get users to switch to its Windows Phone platform. In its latest attempt, Microsoft will be releasing an Android app – “Switch to Windows Phone”, to make it easier for potential users to switch from Android to Windows Phone. The Microsoft app will scan the apps…

Will firefox os sell?

Will Firefox OS Sell?

So, Mozilla wanted to provide an alternative to the apparently propriety and restrictive mobile landscape that we have today, and so it came up with Firefox OS. Announced in 2011, the OS is set to make its debut sometime in July this year. Is it going to succeed? In 2011, Mozilla Corporation announced the “Boot…

Nokia lumia 928 photos leaked

Nokia Lumia 928 Photos Leaked

Images of Nokia Lumia 928, coming to Verizon this month have been leaked online.   Reputed for regular (and accurate) leaks, @evleaks has uploaded photos of the front and back of the new Nokia flagship, which has been code named “Laser”. The phone looks identical to the Lumia 920, which AT&T is currently selling –…