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Is threads a twitter killer?

Is Threads A Twitter Killer?

Wondering who is slated to win the fight in Threads VS Twitter? Learn more about Meta’s new platform and its potential to kill Twitter.

Vine is dead

Vine Is Dead

Twitter is killing Vine. The social video service, which was bought by Twitter in 2012, was launched in 2013 and was an attempt by Twitter to complement its short, text-based social network with a place to make short, second-long videos. Through the use of looping 6-second clips, people used the service for comedy, music, sports…

Twitter and mit collaborate to analyze your tweets

Twitter and MIT Collaborate to Analyze Your Tweets

When investing money towards a university, the results can be surprising and dramatic. MIT has a Media Lab on its campus, but with the $10 million investment that came from Twitter, the university agreed to partner with the social media giant and also add a new entity on the campus map. This new addition will be…

J. K. Rowling sticks it to a homophobic ex-“harry potter” fan on twitter

J.K. Rowling Sticks It To A Homophobic Ex-“Harry Potter” Fan On Twitter

The rise of social media has brought about a heightened level of connectivity and interaction between celebrities and their fans. But like all correspondence that takes place via the Internet (and in general), not every person on the other end is nice. And sometimes, you have the misfortune of bagging yourself a crazy or two….

#AskThicke Hashtag Goes Horribly, Predictably Wrong

This week, VH1 made the questionable decision to let Twitter ask Robin Thicke questions via the #AskThicke hashtag. They had not noticed, apparently, that the Internet was abuzz with renewed contempt for Thicke over his new single, ‘Get Her Back’, a pushy attempt at winning back the affection of his estranged wife, actress Paula Patton….

#endfathersday hoax fools twitter

#EndFathersDay Hoax Fools Twitter

Another hashtag hoax overtook Twitter this morning, shooting up the trending tags list and sparking mass digital outrage. Initial tweets containing the hashtag called for an end to Father’s Day with claims that the holiday promoted patriarchy and rape culture. The twitter account @TashaPolwright, which has since been deleted, appears to be Patient Zero. The…

How social media has changed the world

How Social Media Has Changed The World

While historians of old divided history into before Christ and after Christ, one day future historians might be justified in dividing history into before Facebook (BFB) and after Facebook (AFB, or some weird Latin that means the same thing). Love it or hate it, social media has changed every aspect of our lives, from our…

5 types of twitter accounts to avoid

5 Types of Twitter Accounts to Avoid

If you’re as obsessed with your stunted follower count as I am, you have the unfortunate tendency to immediately follow back anyone that deigns to acknowledge your humble little account to ensure that they won’t unfollow you. I learned the hard way that sometimes it would be better to block an account than follow it…

Twitter to allow photos in direct messages – what could go wrong?

Twitter to Allow Photos in Direct Messages – What Could Go Wrong?

Oh, Twitter. -Sigh- Twitter to Allow Photo Attachments in Direct Messages Twitter announced yesterday that the micro-blog giant will start allowing users to send photos to others using their Direct Message feature. While this sounds like a reasonable idea, with the amount of unsolicited messages from strangers that tend to float around the Twitter-sphere, we…

Twitter, ask. Fm, suicides, and one direction

Twitter,, Suicides, and One Direction

You might have noticed the last few weeks on the Internet have been, for want of a better word, tragic. At the beginning of last month, Twitter made headlines after Caroline Criado-Perez, who had fronted a successful campaign to put Jane Austin on the £10 note, was barraged by tweets threatening rape, murder and more….