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3 Tips for Using Twitter Video

Twitter Video is the social media platform’s primary video sharing tool. Instead of operating as a standalone feature, it is simply embedded within the tweet itself and then shown to your followers and other users across the app. 

But in order to get the most out of Twitter Video, you need to follow some tried and tested suggestions. From getting more views to increasing your engagement, these 3 tips for using Twitter Video can help you achieve your outreach and marketing goals with ease.

1. Don’t Create Lengthy Videos

First and foremost, Twitter is a short-form content sharing platform. As defined by its 280-character limit, the users of the platform are used to consuming content quickly. This also sets Twitter Video apart from platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo that are known for their long-form video content. 

Keeping this in mind, make sure to keep your videos as short as possible. Whether you are creating marketing snippets or funny memes, keep them under the 1-minute limit whenever you can. Even when you have to create longer videos, make it a point to not extend them beyond the 2-minute mark. 

This allows you to get more views, shares, and engagement from your videos and helps you maximize the benefits of your efforts. 

2. Keep Your Content Relevant

One of the most evident yet beneficial tips for using Twitter Video is about keeping your content relevant to current trends. This does not mean that you write every hashtag that is trending on Twitter within your post. Instead, it refers to being on top of any memes or subjects that are popular on Twitter at the given time. 

For instance, if a meme is popular and being shared by others left, right, and center, try to create your videos referencing it. Similarly, if you are sharing your video near a holiday, try to talk about it in the video as well. 

This makes sure that your brand is able to connect with your audience in a natural and organic way, while also earning followers for creating topical content. 

3. Center Your Brand Identity

No matter if you are selling a product or a service, you need to center your brand within your Twitter Videos. However, this doesn’t always mean that you need to cram in a verbal or visual mention of your specific products and services. Instead, including a brand logo in the corner of your video can also go a long way. 

As a business, one of the tips for using Twitter Video that you can follow include the usage of your brand colors. This can refer to creating a splash banner with a chyron or a fadeout screen at the end of your video. 

While following this approach, you can also include promotional codes within the start or end of your video. This also helps you attract the attention of new and long-term audiences. 

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