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Twitter to Launch Smart TV Video App

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the so-called global town square has gone through a slew of modifications. From changing the meaning of checkmarks to making tweet view numbers a public affair, the app has received a major overhaul to the way that it operates. 

Adding to the list of these changes, Musk is now eyeing the decision to launch a smart TV video app for Twitter

The Twitter Smart TV Video app Will Help the Platform Pivot to Video

For a platform that thrives on short jokes and image memes, the Twitter smart TV video app seems to be coming out of left field. But this is quite in line with all the modifications that Twitter has received in the past few months. Besides the aforementioned changes to checkmarks and views, this also includes a “For You” page in the split user timeline to match TikTok’s interface. 

In addition to these changes, Musk has also been focused on making video the centerpiece of his platform. For instance, subscribing to Twitter Blue gives you the ability to upload up to 2-hour long videos in 1080p (which has opened doors for people to illegally upload full movies to the platform). With this latest decision, Twitter’s new leader seems to be moving forward on the same path of bringing video to the front of its offering. 

Twitter Video Could Be Launching to Help the Company With Free Falling Ad Revenue

The decision to add a video app to boost Twitter’s usability seems to stem from the management’s recent actions that have been alienating advertisers. With conspiracy theorists running rampant, misinformation spreading like wildfire, and hate speech becoming the norm to no consequence, many high profile advertisers have decided to maintain their distance from what was once considered one of the hottest platforms to catch audiences’ attention. 

By adding video to Twitter, Musk is reportedly hoping to get advertisers interested with perks such as a larger audience pool as well as the option to sponsor video content. This could come from regular creators as well as people hired by Twitter to create exclusive video content on the platform. 

Twitter is Following a Path That Its Competitors Have Already Explored

Launching a Twitter smart TV video app is not a novel idea by any means. Meta already has Facebook Watch under its belt, while TikTok TV also became a thing years ago, before the idea was even floated by the SpaceX CEO for his own platform. However, Twitter getting its own app still appears as a proposition that is a bit off for its brand as well as the user base that it operates with. 

With that being said, it still seems to fit with the current brand that Twitter is building around right-wing politics. By welcoming former Fox News ratings darling Tucker Carlson who is hosting his new web series exclusively on Twitter, the platform plans to fetch advertisements that could serve its shifting target audience. 

While the announcement for the Twitter TV app came directly from Musk himself in the form of a tweet, there has been no further update on when the feature will be unveiled for the general audience. But seeing that Musk has a habit of making random decisions that later come true on the app, you might just see Twitter’s name pop up on your TV screens sooner than later. 

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