Changing the way you use your smartphone: the arrival of 5g

Changing The Way You Use Your Smartphone: The Arrival of 5G

5G stands for fifth generation. It represents the fifth generation of cellular (cell phone) technology. For most people, this simply means getting a new faster phone. The greater ramifications , however, are the technologies 5G supports. What does 5G provide that we previously didn’t have? Virtual Reality 5G coverage supports virtual reality. For example, it…

5 reasons you’ll love the samsung galaxy note8

5 Reasons You’ll Love the Samsung Galaxy Note8

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 carried great expectations before its launch, and it duly delivered. An incredible handset with enviable features to match, the Note8 will leave you hard-pressed to find a smartphone of its ilk. In aspects such as design, performance, and pricing, this device tops many head-to-head battles with other flagship smartphones released recently….

The mobile game trends making waves on our smartphones today

The Mobile Game Trends Making Waves on Our Smartphones Today

The Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are jam-packed with great mobile games today. Smartphone gamers are increasingly having their thumbs kept busy with games that are genuinely beginning to rival console games for playability and value for money. However, a large chunk of mobile game releases aren’t worth your time and money –…

Is the samsung galaxy on5 smartphone a smart buy?

Is the Samsung Galaxy On5 Smartphone a Smart Buy?

The Samung Galaxy On5 can be categorized as a mid range phone in terms of quality but also one that is dependable and reliable. A brand new Galaxy On5 is equipped with a handful of common apps and has sufficient storage space and capacity to add desired apps such as Uber and Spotify upon activating…

Meet the budget-friendly xiaomi redmi note 3 from gearbest

Meet the Budget-Friendly Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 from GearBest

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is a very appealing phone thanks to its thin, cold, and metallic back cover capable of withstanding drops and general wear and tear. The scratch proof screen is also a pleasant surprise. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is on the cheaper end of available smartphones and offers plenty of bang…

Unlocking your phone: is it for you?

Unlocking Your Phone: Is It For You?

Smartphones have become a part of everyone’s life. People are constantly using them for pleasure as well as business and travel. But travel means roaming data charges. But what if there was a simple solution to avoid roaming data charges permanently? Well now there is a way to unlcok your phone and it’s potential to…

Geeky deal of the day: universal lens kit (65% off)

Geeky Deal of the Day: Universal Lens Kit (65% Off)

Everyday presents you with endless opportunities to capture those moments to remember.   The times when you meet up with old friends and family members, weekend getaways, vacations, or just those postcard-type scenic images.  Capture all of it and more without having to carry an expensive SLR camera, with this Universal Lens Kit for your phone….

Smartphone battery prototype can be charged in 30 seconds

Smartphone Battery Prototype Can Be Charged in 30 Seconds

Ever thought you plugged the phone into the charger, and then gone to grab it on the way out of the house and found it unplugged and totally dead? Whether your battery problems are due to forgetfulness or the pesky household poltergeist, they have undoubtedly annoyed and inconvenienced you on more than one occasion. Thankfully,…

Running a tech savvy office from your phone

Running a Tech Savvy Office From Your Phone

Step into any Starbucks anywhere and you’re sure to find a whole host of people running their “offices” from their mobile devices while enjoying their seasonal coffee drink. It’s become trendy for even the non-savvy to utilize their tablets or smartphones for keeping up with their business on the go. Then you have companies like…

There’s an accelerometer in here?

There’s An Accelerometer In Here?

Occasionally someone will mention new ways that smartphones have advanced. One of the popular catch phrases include how phones now have accelerometers in them. But what exactly is an accelerometer? What do accelerometers do? What can you do with an accelerometer? Accelerometers measure the force of acceleration, through movement or gravity. This means that a…

How smartphones have changed the world

How Smartphones Have Changed The World

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but sometimes I look at the smart phone I’m holding and am amazed all over again at how much one device has transformed the world in so little time. Now, it’s often difficult to imagine life without a smart phone. They have so quickly become such an…

Four amazing smartphone gadgets

Four Amazing Smartphone Gadgets

As consumers, our lives revolve around our Smartphones. We rely on them as they conveniently perform our everyday tasks from the palms of our hands. The list of things a Smartphone can do is constantly growing larger and more diverse. While we keep up with these changes, we consumers are always looking for more ways…