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Running a Tech Savvy Office From Your Phone

Step into any Starbucks anywhere and you’re sure to find a whole host of people running their “offices” from their mobile devices while enjoying their seasonal coffee drink. It’s become trendy for even the non-savvy to utilize their tablets or smartphones for keeping up with their business on the go. Then you have companies like GMass making it easy for you to turn your regular gmail account into a marketing machine. As technology is sure to advance, there might be one day when using a laptop at your work office becomes obsolete. Here are some ways that using your phone is more convenient for operating your business (or going to school or living day to day life) than it is from a laptop.

Photo Scanners

Apps like Jot Not allow users to scan physical documents using their phone’s camera. If a phone is on a wireless network with a printer, the user could print out a document from their phone, sign it in real life, and scan it back to the person they need to send it to without ever locating a scanner.  It’s a lot easier to get a document back to someone on the go. Plus, if you need to take notes at a presentation or have your own copy of a handout, scanner apps make it really fast and efficient.

Digital Meeting Platforms

Apps like Colloquy make it easy to have a group or team meeting from your smartphone. You can attend company meetings or even catch up with a local support group like Overeaters Anonymous. Many of these services are free and are slowly replacing paid meeting platforms.


Although Facetime is the iPhone’s native videoconferencing app, there are plenty of other apps, like Skype, that allow users to benefit from videoconferencing from their phone. For instance, if you needed to share the booth set up of a vendor event, you could literally walk the other person through the exhibit hall in real time. Facetime has many advantages over traditional video cameras because they’re a lot more mobile, since they don’t actually need wi-fi if you’re on a cellular network.

Cash Register

Apps like Square have been around long enough that you probably already know that you can take payments from your phone. But there are also apps that act as invoicing, expense, and timesheet software. Apps like Taxbot can help small businesses get ready for tax time before they file their taxes with TurboTax from their phone.