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Geeky Deal of the Day: Universal Lens Kit (65% Off)

Everyday presents you with endless opportunities to capture those moments to remember.   The times when you meet up with old friends and family members, weekend getaways, vacations, or just those postcard-type scenic images.  Capture all of it and more without having to carry an expensive SLR camera, with this Universal Lens Kit for your phone.

Universal lens kit fish eye

The Universal Lens Kit turns your phone into the only camera you will ever need.  The simple magnetic system lets you attach the lenses quickly and easily, allowing you to capture different types of photos.  If you’re looking to get a full view of everything, snap on the fish-eye lens to get a clear 180-degree angle showing everything that is happening or get close up and personal, by snapping on the macro lens.  There is even a wide angle lens that allows you to get everything into frame.

This is a must have accessory for anyone that is taking pictures on their phone.

Get the Universal Lens Kit for just $23.99 . That’s a saving of over 65% off the retail price.