Four Amazing Smartphone Gadgets

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As consumers, our lives revolve around our Smartphones. We rely on them as they conveniently perform our everyday tasks from the palms of our hands. The list of things a Smartphone can do is constantly growing larger and more diverse. While we keep up with these changes, we consumers are always looking for more ways to boost the productivity of our handy dandy devices. Here are some great gadgets to improve your Smartphone experience.


Fling Mini Gamer Controller

Many mobile games, especially through emulators, rely on touch screen joysticks. While this does provide a familiar gaming experience, it does pose a couple problems. In many games, the joystick only works as long as your thumb remains in that small portion of the screen, which can be frustrating when a quick reaction is key. This is the exact problem that Fling Mini was created for. It fits right over the on-screen joysticks, so your thumbs will always be right where they need to be. The flexible material allows the joysticks to move push back to the center position as you release tension. Best of all, they have a clear design, so none of the action is blocked.


iRecorder Retro Speaker by Thumbs Up

Many products have aimed to give a classic vibe to the Smartphone experience. That’s exactly what the iRecorder Retro Speaker does. It’s got the look and feel of your beloved tape recorder that has since gone out of style. However, instead of loading a cassette tape with a maximum of only 120 minutes of music, you can now play your entire iPhone music library. The tape compartment fits iPhone 4, 4S and 5. And don’t worry, the buttons are not just for show; the iRecorder includes play, rewind, fast-forward and volume controls.


Universal 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit

While the camera on a Smartphone is convenient for quick snapshots, there is still always room for improvement. This Universal 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit includes a fish eye, macro and wide-angle lens, to broaden your photo capabilities. It’s not only cheap, but the clamp-on design allows for easy assembly and the ability to fit on nearly any device that has a camera.

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XODO WiFi Controlled Spy Rover

Here’s your chance to combine your love of RC cars, spy gear and Smartphones into one package. With its own WiFi network, the Spy Rover allows you to control it through a free app on your Smartphone or tablet. It’s also equipped with a 0-40 degree adjustable camera that provides a live feed straight to the controlling device. You can record video and capture photos in the daytime or creep on your cat in the darkness with the built-in night vision.