Dropcam – Linking You To Home

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This post brought to you by Dropcam. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do long days at the office have you down? For most of us, being away from our homes for most of the day is normal, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t wish that we could be there for our family, kids, and pets all of the time, right? Thankfully, technology has come a long way, and while it can’t get you out of having to go to work, it can let you check in anytime you like using your mobile device or computer as a home monitor. How great is that?

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Dropcam is a small, unobtrusive camera that is cloud-based and runs on your home’s Wi-Fi. Once Dropcam has been set up in your home (which is insanely simple), you’ll be able to view streamed video and check in on your kids or pets anytime you like using your smartphone. But, the awesome features don’t stop there.  Check out what else Dropcam has to offer:

Mobile and Web Apps – Users can watch their video stream via their iOS or Android device using an easily downloadable mobile app. Video can also be viewed via the web using Dropcam’s convenient web app.

Automatic Updates – Your Dropcam will always be up-to-date with automatic camera, cloud, and app updates.

Scheduling –  Dropcam can be scheduled to turn on and off on specific times during your day or week.

Location Awareness- Dropcam is able to sense your location and turn off and on based on your location settings.

Sharing – Users are able to share their stream with friends and family (or even the general public) by making their stream available by invitation or open to all.

Cloud Recording – If you choose, Dropcam will save the previous 30 days of footage to the cloud for your review at a later date. This is convenient for security reasons, as well as for those who cannot view the live stream while at work.

With all of these flexible features, Dropcam can fit into any lifestyle. Pet owners will appreciate being able to check in on their furry family while they are on the go. Business travelers will be glad that they can view their home (and belongings) from afar, and new parents will be thrilled to see their children happy and playing while mommy and daddy are at work.

In fact, viewing the live video stream is not the only way to interact with Dropcam. The two-way talk feature, enabled by a microphone and speaker on the camera unit, allows users to comfort a lonely pet, say hi to their significant other, and even play a game of hide and seek from afar with their child. With two-way talk enabled, having Dropcam is the next best thing to being at home.

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Dropcam also takes home security to another level with its night vision feature. Infrared LEDs allow the Dropcam owner to see what is going on at home, even when the lights are out. This is great for outdoor areas and garages, where light may not always be present.  Additionally, Dropcam is able to use its 8x zoom feature to take a closer look at a singular aspect in the room or camera area.

Dropcam has made every effort to be a seamless, welcome addition in any home, and personally, I think they have succeeded in every way! If I had the opportunity to place Dropcam in my home, I would definitely place it in my living room. I would be able to see my kids playing when I am away, and be able to check out any weird noises (yes, paranoid!) around the front of the house, right from my phone in my bedroom!

Clearly, Dropcam stands to make a difference in the lives of everyone who purchases one. Whether it is for peace of mind, connection to family, or because you’re a Geeky technophile who loves the idea of a brand new gadget, Dropcam’s many features have something great in store for you!