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November movie preview: fantastic films and where to see them

November Movie Preview: Fantastic Films and Where to See Them

Since Halloween has passed, it’s about that time to prepare for Christmas. Too soon? Not in movie land. We have a few seasonal options among the November movies. But there is also a handful of highly anticipated blockbusters to choose from. A month that goes from Whoville to Hogwarts to Sherwood Forest sounds like a…

June movie preview: welcome to jurassic june

June Movie Preview: Welcome to Jurassic June

We have had plenty of superhero movies as of late. But as we get into June movies, the closest we’ll get to Marvel or DC comics is Disney and Pixar’s latest, The Incredibles 2. We also get to return to the island (again!) on a dino rescue mission for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Here’s our…

June movie preview: summer of wonder

June Movie Preview: Summer of Wonder

Like every other month, May had hits and misses. But there was something rewarding about a shorter list of movies, all with potential to draw in fans and do well. June is back to the usual smorgasbord of good and bad. We still have a probable hit based on the first lady of DC Comics….

May movie preview: ‘guardians’ and ‘pirates’ welcome summer

May Movie Preview: ‘Guardians’ and ‘Pirates’ Welcome Summer

If I had to pinpoint one month that represented why I love going to the movies, it would be May. May movies are loud, fun, colorful, and meant to be seen on the big screen. Two years ago I wrote how Marvel has a hold on the month that represents the beginning of the summer blockbuster season….

‘guardians of the galaxy 2’ will have 5 after credits scenes!

‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ Will Have 5 After Credits Scenes!

Those of you who have seen a few of the Marvel movies in the recent years will have noticed that there is a tradition of the After Credits Cut Scene. These tidbits, while often giving only a little away in terms of story, occupy the highest altar in the Marvel fandom, as they help people…

Guillermo del toro to direct a ‘star wars’ movie?

Guillermo Del Toro to Direct a ‘Star Wars’ Movie?

In a recent discussion for Trollhunters season 2, Del Toro was asked if he was interested in directing a Star Wars film, now that Rogue One had been made and was living proof that you could have a Star Wars film set in the wider universe, apart from the main timeline. To the audience’s collective surprise,…

‘the last jedi’ teaser is up and we’ve got the breakdown

‘The Last Jedi’ Teaser Is Up and We’ve Got The Breakdown

Bless the benevolent Disney Gods of Kathleen Kennedy and Co. for this gem. The Last Jedi trailer is HERE AND IT’S ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE I HAVE EVER WANTED. I have, personally, not been this happy since the last teaser a couple of years ago.   No but seriously, throwing aside my swelling geekiness like a…

March movie preview: “clawing” our way to a big movie month

March Movie Preview: “Clawing” Our Way to a Big Movie Month

It’s a good month to be a geeky movie fan. The March movie list begins with the coolest of all the X-Men then rolls through King Kong’s origin story before we see a separate beast learning how to love. Then we meet a new team of Power Rangers before ending the month with a manga…

Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ on Broadway Faces Backlash

The Broadway hit has packed a full house but the song-and-dance spectacular is making news for something other than its shows. There is major backlash over the whole presentation of the musical, even despite its diverse cast, there seems to be a bad representation of Muslims. With, perhaps, the biggest mistake, months before the March…

The official ‘beauty and the beast’ extended trailer is here

The Official ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Extended Trailer Is Here

Before 2016 rolled out, Disney Movie Trailers released the extended trailer for Bill Condon’s much-anticipated film, Beauty and the Beast. The film, starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dave Stevens as Beast, has generated a lot of buzz since the teaser trailer debut in May and prompted even more attention over the last few months. According to…

November movie preview: both ‘strange’ and ‘fantastic’

November Movie Preview: Both ‘Strange’ and ‘Fantastic’

It feels like forever since we’ve had a Marvel movie come out and give us a guaranteed bit of comic book fun at the movie theater. Actually, it’s only been a few months. But Doctor Strange sure doesn’t look like a typical superhero slugfest. Among the list of November movies is also the ambitious Harry…

August movie preview: the ‘squad’ meets the dog days of summer

August Movie Preview: The ‘Squad’ Meets the Dog Days of Summer

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of summer movie theaters filled with Jason Bourne, Captain Kirk, and Slimer, then maybe that should be your focus in August. The weather is still warm and kids are still off from school, but you would never know it’s still summer from this list of August movies. After the…

Disney’s tinker bell inspired house of lashes collection

Disney’s Tinker Bell Inspired House of Lashes Collection

The California lash brand, House of Lashes, recently released a special lash collection inspired by one of Disney’s most admired fairies, Tinker Bell. “Each lash is hand crafted to perfection,” says House of Lashes, “and designed with the essence of Tinker Bell at its heart. A beloved character by individuals of all ages, Tinker Bell…

Moana: disney’s polynesian princess sets sail

Moana: Disney’s Polynesian Princess Sets Sail

There’s a new Disney Princess in town and Disney has just released the trailer to her movie. Her name is Moana and she is Disney’s first Polynesian princess. In the recently released trailer, we see her first impression of the once-mighty demi-god Maui, played by Dwayne Johnson. Moana, herself, is played by Hawaiian actress, Auli’i…

What to expect from disney for the rest of 2016

What to Expect from Disney for the Rest of 2016

Disney has been nothing short of busy releasing big feature films over the last six months, including Zootopia, The Jungle Book, and the highly acclaimed Captain America: Civil War. Showing no signs of slowing down, here’s a list of what we can expect from Disney for the last half of the year. Finding Dory It’s…