Guillermo Del Toro to Direct a ‘Star Wars’ Movie?

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In a recent discussion for Trollhunters season 2, Del Toro was asked if he was interested in directing a Star Wars film, now that Rogue One had been made and was living proof that you could have a Star Wars film set in the wider universe, apart from the main timeline.

To the audience’s collective surprise, he said he had already had discussions with Kathleen Kennedy, the Head of LucasFilm, a Disney exec, about his “ideas.” He went on to say:

“There’s some characters that are great, And I have talked to Kathleen Kennedy and John Knoll about ideas. But you know. I want to do my shit. I want to do it first.”


Earlier on, in 2015, he had mused about idea for an origin story to Jabba the Hutt. Take from that what you will.  

Del Toro is famous for not only taking great series from comics and folklore and adapting them into films, like Hellboy and Pan’s Labrynth, but for also creating completely original stories, a dying art in the risk-averse Hollywood hellscape. Films such as Pacific Rim and shows like Trollhunters come to mind.  

He is currently producing another Pacific Rim film, Uprising, which stars John Boyega (of Star Wars fame).  Now, whether you are a fan of the idea for a Jabba the Hutt solo film or not, Del Toro is undoubtedly a talented director, and would bring a unique style and perspective to the SW universe.  

In this humble authors view, the more voices that get to contribute to Star Wars, the better off we all are.  

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