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Insymmetry creations llc releases “into the wilderness”

InSymmetry Creations LLC Releases “Into The Wilderness”

Insymmetry Creations LLC is proud to release the second song from the upcoming HEIRS OF ISILDUR album: Heirs of Isildur vs Tales From Nocturnia entitled “Into the Wilderness” – and this is where steampunk, comics, and metal collide! This European-styled melodic metal has a wide range of influences that provides a powerful soundtrack and accompaniment for the…

3 reasons why cosplayers love under armour

3 Reasons Why Cosplayers Love Under Armour

There is hope that Comic Cons will once again open their doors in 2021 to creators, artists, and celebrities, but after a particularly rough 2020, everyone is looking forward to these events but they are also very conscientious of their budget. Below are three reasons why cosplayers love their Under Armour. Finding deep discounts and…

Meet rick stafford, the true aquaman | geek out virtual con 2020

Meet Rick Stafford, The True Aquaman | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Rick Stafford, known as The True Aquaman, has been on the professional cosplay circuit, attending comic cons and events all around the world. From Loss to Light What you may not know about Rick Stafford is that he began his cosplay journey began in his youth, dressing up in character for holidays and special events….

Geek out virtual con 2020 – cosplay alley

Geek Out Virtual Con 2020 – Cosplay Alley

There’s growing excitement for our livestreaming event on April 11-12th and we’re happy to present so many people from the Geekdom of comic books, authors, filmmakers, small businesses and marketing, and more – but the area that has people buzzing are the cosplayers. This is your opportunity to get dressed, get in character, and get…

Heroineburgh is coming to geek out virtual con 2020

Heroineburgh is Coming to Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Heroineburgh takes place in a science-based universe where a small group of people have developed superhuman powers.  Dubbed as “epihumans” these people have developed powers based on their own desires and interest, all sparked by an unusual meteor explosion in the skies above Pittsburgh. The dark energy that was released has a proclivity for the…

Geek insider: interview with detria baker – the afro cosplay

Geek Insider: Interview with Detria Baker – The Afro Cosplay

There are people who strive to make a difference in the world any way they can. That is Detria Baker. In the comic book world where black heroes and villains are still emerging, she and her husband, Terance are expanding the universe with their talent and outreach through Independent Creators Connection. While some people have…

Megacon orlando is rescheduled

MEGACON Orlando is Rescheduled

A Message from MEGACON Orlando First off, thank you all for your ongoing concern and support during these challenging times – it does not go unnoticed. From the beginning, our team at MEGACON Orlando has followed the recommendations made by the CDC and the Florida Department of Health. In light of this, and with the…

A candid chat with the afro cosplay, detria baker

A Candid Chat with The Afro Cosplay, Detria Baker

There are people who strive to make a difference in the world any way they can. Detria Baker, perhaps better known as The Afro Cosplay in the Florida geek scene, often dons her afro wig and slips into her cosplay role, inspiring women of all ages and demographics to “just be you.”   In comic books,…

Megacon orlando 2020 is almost here!

MegaCon Orlando 2020 is Almost Here!

Geeks around the country are gearing up for ComicCon season, crafting new and epic cosplay gear and planning their weekends around their favorite guests. Of course one of biggest and most anticipated is the fan-favorite MegaCon at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. And this year they look to be living up to…

Fun. Com spider-gwen blanket scarf Spider-Gwen Blanket Scarf

I have recently come into possession of some pretty sweet loot from If you find yourself cocking your eyebrow a hair at a name so precisely on the nose, fret not, I did as well. But in the name of a year of living dangerously, I came in prepared to give them a fair…

Awesome con 2019: the mid-atlantic’s biggest con continues to grow

Awesome Con 2019: The Mid-Atlantic’s Biggest Con Continues to Grow

Amidst the cosplayers, comic book fans, and families present at this year’s Awesome Con, held at the Washington D.C. convention center, was a noticeably larger plethora of comic book vendors, exhibits, and celebrity guests. D.C.’s Awesome Con has grown considerably since the very first Con in 2013. This year the crowds couldn’t have been larger…

Tips for attending your first convention

Tips For Attending Your First Convention

Whether you’re a gamer, a cosplay fan, a tech nerd, or a comic book geek, there’s plenty of convention experiences available to suit all tastes and interests. It can be an exciting but also rather daunting prospect attending your first event, but if you have a good time, it will be a memorable experience that…

Galactic con coming to columbia on june 16

Galactic Con Coming to Columbia on June 16

This year’s Galactic Con in Columbia, MD will help to raise money for a worthy cause and also provide the opportunity for geeks to grab up some amazing collectibles and comics. Comic book collectors, cosplayers, and geeks will once again descend upon the Howard County Fairgrounds for this year’s annual Galactic Con on June 16th….

Baltimore comic con 2017: comics, costumes, art, and celebrities

Baltimore Comic Con 2017: Comics, Costumes, Art, and Celebrities

Comic book lovers, collectors, and cosplayers once again turned the premises of the Baltimore Convention Center into a vast celebration of all things cartoon and fantasy during the 2017 Baltimore Comic Con on September 22-24. The jam-packed weekend lineup included more than 100 special guests, 80’s Wonder Woman TV series star and singer Lynda Carter,…

Awesome con returns to d. C. This friday!

AWESOME CON returns to D.C. this Friday!

Awesome Con, the mid-Atlantic’s largest and most popular comic book convention kicks off Friday June 16th and concludes Sunday June 18th. Awesome Con is a nationally known comic convention, each year bringing a long list of celebrity guests, artists, and more. The three-day comic and anime extravaganza features comics of all sorts, animated shows, science-fiction,…