4 lifehacks to make school easier – geek insider fyi

4 Lifehacks to Make School Easier – Geek Insider FYI

You’ve checked out our four lifehacks for general internet use, but let’s get specific and help the students out there in internet land. School is hard enough. Geek Insider knows that, so we found four lifehacks that can help you out. Research Online Faster and Easier Google is awesome but can sometimes be clogged with…

Unlocking your phone: is it for you?

Unlocking Your Phone: Is It For You?

Smartphones have become a part of everyone’s life. People are constantly using them for pleasure as well as business and travel. But travel means roaming data charges. But what if there was a simple solution to avoid roaming data charges permanently? Well now there is a way to unlcok your phone and it’s potential to…

Geeky deal of the day: universal lens kit (65% off)

Geeky Deal of the Day: Universal Lens Kit (65% Off)

Everyday presents you with endless opportunities to capture those moments to remember.   The times when you meet up with old friends and family members, weekend getaways, vacations, or just those postcard-type scenic images.  Capture all of it and more without having to carry an expensive SLR camera, with this Universal Lens Kit for your phone….

Little-known book apps for bibliophiles

Little-Known Book Apps for Bibliophiles

If you’re a book nerd like me, you probably already have some technology to read your favorite books on. Whether a Kindle or a Nook, new advances in ebooks have already made these devices pretty irrelevant when you can read all of your e-reader books on your smartphone or laptop through a free app. Now…

Running a tech savvy office from your phone

Running a Tech Savvy Office From Your Phone

Step into any Starbucks anywhere and you’re sure to find a whole host of people running their “offices” from their mobile devices while enjoying their seasonal coffee drink. It’s become trendy for even the non-savvy to utilize their tablets or smartphones for keeping up with their business on the go. Then you have companies like…

10 reasons why building your own pc is the way to go

10 Reasons Why Building Your Own PC Is The Way To Go

We computer-dwelling folk often weigh convenience over value when it comes to our beloved electronics. Parents groan when their kids point out (again) that the family PC can barely handle five year old games, and underemployed youth cringe at the price tag of gaming desktops that costs more than several months of rent. Many don’t…

5 geeky tips for surviving a boring class

5 Geeky Tips For Surviving A Boring Class

Everyone’s been in one of those classes: the teacher or professor reads straight from the textbook, offering no new information to keep you engaged or necessitate note-taking. Their irritating, monotone voice manages to suck the remaining life out of the already dry material, and their lifeless eyes make you glad you’re not going into teaching….

How smartphones have changed the world

How Smartphones Have Changed The World

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but sometimes I look at the smart phone I’m holding and am amazed all over again at how much one device has transformed the world in so little time. Now, it’s often difficult to imagine life without a smart phone. They have so quickly become such an…

Five professionals who would be more productive using a mechanical keyboard

Five Professionals Who Would Be More Productive Using A Mechanical Keyboard

Most professionals spend about 2000 hours a year working on a computer. When technology surpasses it’s capabilities, you upgrade your motherboard, your RAM, but you may not consider the effect your input devices can contribute to your efficiency. Cheap, membrane-based keyboards may not cost much, but they could be costing you your job. Here are…

Boost your reading speed with outread

Boost Your Reading Speed With Outread

No matter what your reading habits may be, speed-reading is always a great skill to have. Whether you are trying to get through a boring part of a book or doing research for an essay, being able to properly skim through a body of text will help you comprehend the overall theme of what your…

The ultimate guide for newbie writers

The Ultimate Guide for Newbie Writers

Boost Your Word Bank Burning the midnight oil to memorize new words as many as you can in the dictionary? That’s not wise, pal. How about installing a new habit that requires little effort, instead? Pay a visit to and get a free subscription of A.Word.A.Day. Memorizing a word a day is a piece of…

Latest mooc: coursera specialization course

Latest MOOC: Coursera Specialization Course

Some great geek stuff for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) fans! Actually, no; let me take that back. Anyone who’s thirsty for education should be typing the URL of Coursera right now – with bells on! You should be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about it. To demonstrate that virtual reality technology is indeed an important part of…

7 nifty apps everyone should have

7 Nifty Apps Everyone Should Have

  Let’s not beat around the bush. Here are 7 cool apps that any geek can appreciate. Pocket  Ten years ago when we came across an interesting website, we would either memorize the link or bookmark the page. And when your bookmark bar gets filled up–well, that just looks ugly! Thankfully, Pocket came to the…

Four insane alarm clocks that refuse to snooze

Four Insane Alarm Clocks That Refuse to Snooze

It’s that special time of the morning again. The birds are chirping and the sunrays are gently creeping through your window. But soon enough, an evildoer will interrupt this nirvana. Your alarm clock goes off and you are violently ripped from your slumber. Now, if there is even a single procrastination cell in your body,…

Great resources for creative overlays for your photos

Great Resources For Creative Overlays For Your Photos

I hope you’re not scratching your head, mumbling, “What the heck are overlays?” And if you are, seriously? You have got to be kidding me! How many moons are there on the planet you come from? I’m sorry, no, let me take that back. I’m awful. Who am I to judge? I was in the same…