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The Ultimate Guide for Newbie Writers

Boost Your Word Bank

Burning the midnight oil to memorize new words as many as you can in the dictionary? That’s not wise, pal. How about installing a new habit that requires little effort, instead? Pay a visit to and get a free subscription of A.Word.A.Day. Memorizing a word a day is a piece of cake. It’s straight to the point and very effective. Another great site is You play games and learn new words. Score! Also, a thesaurus does wonders.

Read Voraciously

This is the most efficacious method to improve your writing. Period. And it’s free! You don’t need to make frequent trips to the bookstores; a visit to the library works just the same. Reserve a copy of the book you want if you didn’t see it on the shelves. If you would like to add a twist to your reading experience, consider participating in these cool challenges!

Take Advantage of Resources

Freelancer. Upwork. These are some of the sites writers go to when they’re hunting for jobs. It’s tough to get noticed as you’re competing with writers across the globe. So if you’re looking for other alternatives, I recommend Freelance Writing Gigs, ProBlogger and Write Jobs. If you would like to earn extra cash by blogging, check out Bubblews. Get paid by writing a 400 character post. Yep, characters, not words.

Show Off Your Writing Skills

Create your own blog! I recommend WordPress as it’s equipped with cool and geeky plugins. And if your site is facing technical issues (knock on wood), the WordPress team is there to lend you a helping hand. They even have a forum if needed.

Back to the subject at hand. By posting your write-ups on the blog, there’s a higher chance for them to get the desired attention. Include your contact details, portfolio and come up with a snappy “About” page. This sets the tone for the entire blog, so I’ll think twice if I were you.

Guest posting has a lot of perks, as well! If your submission gets approved, you get to make a name for yourself. Truth be known, contributing articles to popular sites brings traffic to your blog. so it pays in the long run. Would you like a list of websites with “Write for Us” pages? Just do a Google search and be spoiled for choice. This seems like the perfect time to let our readers know that Geek Insider is always on the lookout for fresh talent. If you have what it takes, give us a shout-out!

Join Communities To Get a Better Sense of The Writing Industries

You don’t have to pay for membership, if that’s what you’re wondering. There are many legitimate writing communities on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. If you think these sites are only plagued with celebrity news, think again. First things first, take a look at your profile. These groups are moderated by administrators and they don’t let any Tom. Dick or Harry join. Since you’re joining a writing group, your profile has to include the necessary info. It doesn’t have to be fancy; a decent one will do just fine.

I’m going to use Facebook as an example. Type “writing” in the search bar and click “Enter”. See the search filters at the left side? Click “Groups” and you will be directed to a page of cool stuff. Take a look around and see which groups match your taste. A friendly reminder: don’t join too many groups as the notification board can get really overwhelming. You know how that looks like? It’s not pretty.

If you prefer meeting writers face-to-face, I suggest attending workshops organized by libraries. Most of the admission fees are free so it shouldn’t be much of a hassle.