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Free DLC Deal: Battlefield 4 Handgun Kit from DICE

The month of February Battlefield 4‘s “Player Appreciation” month. Experienced players and newbies alike will get several bonuses including a daily Battlepack give away for those who log in, but more importantly two Shortcut Unlock packs will be release.

Just yesterday the Handgun Shortcut Kit showed up for FREE on Origin for the PC. The unlock gets you access to all Battlefield 4 handguns but not any that became/become available in the expansions. It should be noted that the shortcut kit will only get you access to the base handguns, but not access to the accessories for them (suppressors, etc). After February, the shortcut kit will cost $4.99.

Though this handgun unlock is the first shortcut kit available for Battlefield 4, expect to see a lot more of them. Later this month EA is set to release a “Grenade Shortcut Kit” – which should also be free for the reset of February though is not become available yet. Battlefield 3 currently has a total of 10 Shortcut Kits for sale ranging from infantry weapons to vehicles.

The daily battle-pack give away is also a good grab for Battlefield 4 players. Player Appreciation Month can be found here, but the important thing to note is that you should log into BF4 on once a day this month. Every week day you log in, Origin will give you a bronze Battle-pack… and on the weekends you get a free silver Battlepack loaded with extra weapon accessories, dog tags, ect.The Battlepacks are received at 4am Pacific Time the following day.

Even if you don’t own Battlefield 4, you should still get the kit. There is no restriction, all you need is an EA Origin account and the free unlock pack will be credited to the account. If/when the price drops on BF4 and you choose to buy the game, you will have all the handguns available to play saving you time vs. unlocking each through experience.