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Find Out More About the World Around You With The Book of Secrets

If some all-knowing being came to you and said, “ask me any question, and I will give you the answer,” what would you ask? Many people, after they do away with their skepticism, would ask something like “what’s the meaning of life?” or “what happens after we die?” However, there are others, with a quirkier outlook on life, who would ask “what is the secret to surviving a shark attack?” or “what is the Harry Potter series based on?” There’s no shame to that; sometimes the little facts about the world around us are the most interesting.


Book of Secrets

For those of you looking for the little things, this will be a goldmine. The simply titled Book of Secrets is 152 pages of the most random, quirky facts about the world that you would probably never even think about on your own. It’s filled with facts that will blow your mind and turn you into a conversation starting machine. Along with that, the book also includes how-to guides for things that you would assume were just inherited traits. For example, there are guides for surviving a venomous snake bite (which probably shouldn’t be a secret), honing your acting skills, making the perfect rice and frying up a batch of KFC-style chicken.

Here’s where you will either love or hate the Book of Secrets: Its dimensions are 5.2 x 3.5 inches. On one side, this will be useful in keeping these facts secret from nosy onlookers. But on the other side, some may need to pull out their handy-dandy reading glasses to uncover the secrets. (There may be hope with the “Tell the Publisher” option on Amazon, which allows you to request a Kindle version of the book) The Book of Secrets is available in leather bound or paper back here.