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Thought Catalog Finally Has An App

Where do you go to when sourcing for the latest news happening in the world? Viral news fanatics will probably pick Buzzfeed. People who live for celebrity news will find themselves perusing through Just Jared to see if there’s any mention of their favorite boy groups. What about the latest technology in computers? Geek Insider? If that’s your top answer, we love you. If not, that’s fine. We’ll wait; though, we gotta admit that we just died a little on the inside.

Thought Catalog is ten to one best known for their relationship articles. Some of its recent articles are strangely provoking; just take a look at Anonymous’ “I Was Cyber-Stalked By The Woman My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With”.

The app was developed recently, so there is still room for improvement. The article list is often updated with push notifications so there is no reason for anyone to feel bored.

Further details about Though Catalog app as first seen on Google Play!

– Minimalistic design, low data consumption
– Load articles on demand (categorized by year/month)
– Offline mode: store articles as favorites and read them without an Internet connection
– Push notifications so you can always stay up to date with the latest
– Feedback to the friendly developer

Upcoming features:
– Enhanced search functionality
– View article author details
– Improved user interface
– User customization based on preference
– View comments & comment directly from the app

A Noteworthy Mention

If you’re new to Thought Catalogue and are looking for something interesting to get your feet wet, I highly recommend Richard Grayson’s (no, not the one from Batman) diary entries. He is a retired lawyer and college professor. According to his bio on Thougt Catalog, he has kept a diary without missing a day for over 44 years. An impressive feat, if you ask me. I was born in the 90s, so I find Grayson’s entries gripping. His first few entries on Thought Catalog are from the late 60s and they continue on through the decades.

Did You Know?

Thought Catalog has a sister brand, Quote Catalog! Both media properties were developed by the awesome folks at The Thought & Expression LLC. The Brookyn-based company is independently owned and they describe themselves as “an experimental media group.” Besides running Thought Catalog and Quotes Catalog, The Thought & Expression LLC also dabble in book imprints and consulting. If your TBR pile needs some love, give their ebooks a try.

The Best Way to Enjoy Reading Thought Catalog

Not everyone has plenty of free time. To have the best reading experience, simply store articles as favorites and read them without a WiFi connection.

Bad eye sight? Just customize your preferred font size and you’re ready to check out the cool stuff.