5 Of The Best Home Cinemas From Around The World

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If you think your home cinema is awesome, you ought to look at some of the home cinema creations from around the world. Not content with simply a TV and solid speaker system, the very best home cinemas have fully integrated room technology and seats to die for.
Let’s take a look at the 5 best home cinemas from around the world.

Dwayne Johnson’s California Home Theater

Muscle man Dwayne Johnson loves his home cinemas as much as the gym, and he splashed out a few years ago on one of the best home cinemas in the world. His home cinema has its own lobby and bar complete with 100 different liquors, as well as its own marquee entrance. Technology wise, the screen is more than 220-inches, the room has its own built in speaker system, and a Creston automation system ensures that The Rock never has to lift a finger. Impressive for sure.


Aegean Sunset

If you like things a little exotic, the Aegean Sunset home cinema will be right up your street.
With a cost of $200,148.00, this home cinema features a Denon DVD A1XVA, Samsung Blu-ray & HDDVD BD-UP5000, Sony Blu-ray BD-S1E, Pixel Magic Systems and HDMedia Box200. The screen itself is 200-inches and whilst there’s no cinema seating per se, it does benefit from a front row of chairs that are designed for maximum comfort.
Sadly, the grapes are not edible, so be sure to bring your own.


Marbella, Spain

This home cinema, complete with sound proofing and a 200-inch screen, is the perfect set up for anybody with enough money. It doesn’t have a name, but it’s installed into a $18,385,400.00  villa in Marbella, Spain. The technology might have been updated by now with Superfi’s home cinema system, but when created it consisted of both a 3D projector and HD projector and a snooker area at the back. There’s seating for eight in this home cinema.

Max Weinberg’s Home Cinema

American drummer and television personality Max Weinberg has one sweet home cinema. His consists of leather stadium seating complete with cup holders and reclining functionality, a 200-inch screen and HD projector. The home cinema is tastefully decorates and soundproofed, and there’s old school movie posters throughout.
This home cinema even has a screen curtain.

Cumberland Pointe Apartments

Little is known about this home cinema, other than the stunning red leather chairs and the widescreen television you can see in the photo. If you look closely, you can also see a huge speaker and bass system finished in white.
Movie posters and old film reels on the wall complete the look.

Feel insignificant?

With regard to home cinemas, the old mantra that there will always be one better than your own rings true – no matter how good a home cinema is, there will undoubtedly be a better one. However, you can still build your own home theater even if you’re on a budget. There are excellent soundbars that cost under 300 that can provide virtual surround sound, delivering an immersive movie experience.

Still, it’s always nice to be humbled, and seeing home cinemas that blow yours away but still leave you proud is a great way to achieve this. Be sure to enjoy your home cinema no matter its size and use the latest technology, such as the stunning Harman Kardon Go + Play.