Four Kitchen Gadgets for the Cooking Impaired

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Let’s face it, we’re not all cooking wizards. In fact, some of us consider ourselves cooking-impaired and need someone to hold our hand in the kitchen. There’s no shame in letting technology be that helper. Here are some awesome gadgets to help you through that recipe that you’ve been dying to make:

Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad 2


Cookbooks have evolved in the digital world and are now easily accessible with your iPad 2. But say there’s no room on the counter or you do not want to spill anything on your $400 “recipe book.” Using removable magnetic strips, this mount can be placed on any flat, vertical surface including your refrigerator. These strips can then be attached to the magnetic edges of your iPad 2. Even if you don’t use it for cooking tutorials, it will be great for entertainment while you wait for your food to cook.

Taste of Italy 5 Quart. Pasta Pot


One of the minor hassles of cooking pasta is remembering to have a strainer ready. If you aren’t quick enough, the noodles will stick to the pot and provide a not-so-great cleaning experience. Not to mention that they will be soggy from soaking up the water. The Taste of Italy Pasta Pot has a convenient porous lid for easy straining.

Epica Cut Resistant Gloves


The most common kitchen mishap is accidentally cutting your fingers while slicing ingredients. Once it happens, you will find yourself avoiding the task at all costs. Deep down, your fear is that it will happen while slicing onions and your friend or loved one will mistake those odor-induced tears for something else… like being a sissy. Have no fear: Epica Cuts are here. These fiber-constructed gloves are four times stronger than leather and will protect you from those sharp kitchen knives.

Citrus Sprayer


This is perhaps the easiest way to get a fresh, sweet zest to top your recipe. You simply twist it like a corkscrew until it fits securely, then you have a snazzy little device that emits a fruity mist. It comes with two sizes: one for larger fruits like oranges and another for smaller fruits like lemons.

Have you got any life-saving cool gadgets for the kitchen you’d like to tell us about?