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Latest MOOC: Coursera Specialization Course

Some great geek stuff for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) fans! Actually, no; let me take that back. Anyone who’s thirsty for education should be typing the URL of Coursera right now – with bells on! You should be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about it. To demonstrate that virtual reality technology is indeed an important part of our daily lives, Coursera has done it again. Almost two weeks back, the team dropped the big news on their official blog. The educational platform introduced Specialization, a new program that does just what its name suggests. Coursera says it is ” to develop mastery in a specific subject”.

The new program is still in its inception, so there are not that many Specialization courses available to the public. There are currently 10 online courses: Data Science, Mobile Cloud Computing with Android, Challenges in Global Affairs, Foundations of Teaching for Learning, Modern Musician, Systems Biology, Cybersecurity, Reason, Data Analysis and Writing, Fundamentals of Computing, and Virtual Teacher Program. Upon completion, students will receive a Specialization Certificate verifying their completion of a first-rate academic program.

Here’s What You Should Know About Coursera

Coursera has a pretty simple motto: “giving everyone the opportunity to learn.” Regardless of your race, religion, age, disability, or status, the educational company believes that every individual should be given an equal opportunity to study. To achieve this, Coursera partners with highly respected universities across the globe to offer courses online at no cost. All you need is the passion to learn and an internet connection.

It’s undoubtedly one of the strongest MOOC sites around with over 6 million Courserians (the official name of Coursera students). To date, there are 599 courses, from 108 universities and organizations. Some of the well known schools include Brown, Duke, Yale, and Princeton.

Free online courses provided by Ivy League? I wouldn’t be surprised if you have stopped reading and immediately switched tabs to Coursera. I’m serious. No hard feelings. Really, go. We’re okay.

Coursera: Future of Education?

Coursera is loaded with cool stuff. Do you have thoughts of learning to master the guitar but no time or opportunity to go to your local music school? Just check out Berklee College of Music. Are you fixing on landing the promotion that you’ve heard whispers about around the office? Simply head down to the Business and Management section. Whatever your goals, Coursera will satisfy your curiosity and hunger for knowledge.

The fact that you’re still reading this post tells me one thing: you want to improve your life by acquiring higher education.

Most of the courses are conducted in English and a few in Mandarin. These courses come and go, so if you have missed some of them, you need not be a bundle of nerves; there will be future sessions.

Tips for Coursera Newbies

Skim through the courses catalog. While I agree it’s highly recommended to make use of every online class, it’s important to manage your work load. If you feel that you can handle more than one, go for it. Otherwise, no harm done. The key is to prioritize!

There is financial aid available for needy students. If you feel that you could really use (and please, only honest applicants!) some extra help, apply for it.

More importantly, have a blast!