Four Insane Alarm Clocks That Refuse to Snooze

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It’s that special time of the morning again. The birds are chirping and the sunrays are gently creeping through your window. But soon enough, an evildoer will interrupt this nirvana. Your alarm clock goes off and you are violently ripped from your slumber. Now, if there is even a single procrastination cell in your body, chances are that the snooze button is your best friend. However, the snooze button has an ulterior motive, which is to make you fall back asleep, arrive late for work and hate yourself.

No need to worry. You may not know it, but alarm clocks have evolved in the last few years and are designed to get you up and out of bed the moment they go off. So perhaps the solution to your snoozing problem is just a simple upgrade. Here are some suggestions:


Running Alarm Clock

For the most part, turning off an alarm clock is as simple as rolling over and pushing a button within arms length. But this convenience is what puts us procrastinating snoozers in danger. When it’s time to wake up, the Running Alarm Clock rolls off your nightstand and proceeds to make loud beeping sounds while roaming throughout your bedroom in different directions, forcing you to get out of bed to stop it. If the beeping doesn’t wake you up, the sound of it blindly crashing into everything in your room most certainly will. This persistent little creature can be purchased here.


Flying Alarm Clock

Similar to the Running Alarm Clock, this alarm clock makes you work to turn it off. The device comes in two pieces: The alarm itself and the key. When the time comes, the key shoots out of the alarm clock, landing in a random spot of your room. In that same moment, the alarm sounds and the only way to turn it off is to find the key and place back on the alarm clock. The Flying Alarm Clock can be purchased here.


Lock N’ Load Alarm Clock

Okay, so maybe physical labor first thing in the morning isn’t your cup of tea. However, you still need something to escape the morning haze. With the Lock N’ Load, the only way to turn off the alarm is with a quick draw and steady aim. There are three options for game modes as well. In quick mode, you have three minutes to shoot the bull’s-eye five times. Time mode tests your reflexes to see how fast you can hit the target. Then there is random mode where the alarm sounds but the target pops up at an unpredictable time. The Lock N’ Load can be purchased here.


Clarity 600 Wake Assure With Bed Shaker

For some people, the problem of waking up in the morning is that most alarm clocks are not loud enough. The Clarity 600 Wake Assure was created to solve that problem. It is one of the loudest alarm clocks at 85 Decibels; only five Decibels short of being as loud as a lawnmower. Additionally, an attached bed shaker is placed under the mattress to help finish the job. This product has been known to help wake up the hearing impaired, so surely it will work for you; unless, of course, you are known to sleep through earthquakes and blaring smoke alarms. The Clarity 600 Wake Assure can be purchased here.