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7 Nifty Apps Everyone Should Have


Let’s not beat around the bush. Here are 7 cool apps that any geek can appreciate.


Ten years ago when we came across an interesting website, we would either memorize the link or bookmark the page. And when your bookmark bar gets filled up–well, that just looks ugly! Thankfully, Pocket came to the rescue in 2007. Pocket does what its name suggests: saves any article, picture, or video for later enjoyment. You can read it offline wherever and whenever you want. Perfect for an avid reader.

Offline Dictionary

The keyword here is ‘offline.’ What’s the point of having a dictionary that requires a WiFi connection? You may as well not even have one. Imagine if you were hanging out with a vocabulary guru who didn’t realize your skills. You would want to know the meaning of the big word she’s using. What do you do? You come up with a white lie about needing to use the loo, take your cellphone with you, and look look up the definition to save yourself embarrassment. The best part: you learn a new word!

Clean Master (Cleaner)

Aeons ago, my (then) seven year old niece dropped my cellphone, and then I noticed it acting slow and glitchy. I assumed was her fault; it never occurred to me that my phone was acting this way due to scores of junk files. Clean Master is one of the cool gadgets everyone should use. Others agree; it has been given a 4.5 rating on Google Play by its 100 million users. Yes. That’s right–100 million.

Period Tracker

Attention: strictly for the ladies. This is clearly not considered one of the cool gadgets for the fellas. Ladies, we all know that the time of the month is hard enough without having to keep track of when it’s supposed to come. It is fundamental to take note of the date (one of the many things the ever-concerned matriarch of the family has told me). For this, period Tracker is way better than a calendar. It’s easier to take down all the symptoms you’re experiencing. …And the emoticons are adorable.

Currency Converter

Travel buffs, you guys are with me on this one, right? With Currency Converter, you no longer have to do a tedious Google search. Just type in the desired amount and you’ll get the converted value in an instant. In Currency Converter, there are over 190 currencies.

DocuSign Ink

Ink cartridges are not cheap. I hate shelling out the exorbitant funds just to feed my printer, so any ink I can save is great. DocuSign Ink put an end to faxing and mailing documents. All you need to do is to use an e-signature. And everything will be taken care of.


Instead of spending your time watching videos on YouTube, why not switch things up for a bit? TED is proof that educational videos can be fun and inspiring at the same time. There are hundreds of TED Talks, so there is absolutely no way you’d be bored. Introverts (and extroverts) should check out Susan Cain’s 7 million viewed TED Talk. Suffering from stage fright? Watch an inspiring video of Joe Kowan, and see how he got over this awful phobia. The bottom line is this: everybody is afraid of something, so there’s really nothing to be ashamed of. TED recently came up with curated playlists for newbies, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) users, and even kids. A fast fact: TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.