Imagine: a real mario & sonic crossover

Imagine: A Real Mario & Sonic Crossover

Okay okay okay. So technically the Olympic Games series is considered a “real crossover” between the two gaming giants, BUT I’M TALKING ABOUT SOMETHIN’ ELSE! I don’t know, I’m sorta sick of the constantly rehashed Olympic Games franchise. Seriously though. We’ve seen both the summer Olympics and now the winter Olympic twice now. Sure, the…

Miyamoto on ‘pikmin 3’

Miyamoto on ‘Pikmin 3’

It’s rather charming to see developers such as Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto be so confident in the fact that he makes great games. Miyamoto is responsible to basically all of Nintendo’s greats ranging from the original Super Mario Bros. to F-Zero X and all the way up to Nintendo Land! The man’s got quite the repetoire….

Wild About Wildstar

1-1-1-2-1-3-1-1-1. What’s that you ask? A password? Some sort of secret code? NOPE. That’s just you, playing any old MMORPG. Aren’t you tired of that? I know I am! Hotkey based MMOs seem a little outdated to me. While I’m still a fan of Star Wars: The Old Republic (though my attention toward the game…

Are hd remakes necessary?

Are HD Remakes Necessary?

Do you remember your best friend from grade school? Remember that time when that best friend moved away? Remember when they came back to visit and you bought terrible tasting smoothies together and purposefully threw them in the middle of the street to see if cars might run them over? Okay, that last bit might…