The most cringe-worthy movie scenes of all time

The Most Cringe-Worthy Movie Scenes of All Time

I am easily disturbed. I tend to keep a reasonable distance from blood donation drives, and I avoid stomach-churning movies. Can you imagine me watching the splatter film, The Wizard of Gore? …Eww. Who knew writing about cringe-worthy movie scenes could induce projectile vomiting? Let’s cut to the chase and get this over and done with….

5 fictional nerd role models

5 Fictional Nerd Role Models

Because let’s face it; smart is the new sexy. Alex Dunphy, Modern Family Alex is the brightest member of the whole Dunphy clan–yes, including her parents. Older sister Haley is ditzy and more concerned with popularity than academics, while younger brother Luke is goofy and sweet. The best Alex Dunphy episode by far, is season…

5 great ‘under the radar’ instagram accounts

5 Great ‘Under The Radar’ Instagram Accounts

Although it still feels relatively new, Instagram has reached over 100 million users! You already follow your BFF, your far-off aunt, and that girl from high school who posts pictures of her baby every day, but chances are you’re missing out on these great accounts. (Psst… if it’s orange, it’s a hyperlink.) chastainiac If you’ve…

5 awesome videos every gamer should watch

5 Awesome Videos Every Gamer Should Watch

I bet this picture piques your curiosity. I’m not an expert in the gaming world, but if I could have my pick, these are my top 5 videos I feel every hardcore gamer should watch at least once. Agree? Disagree? Share and we’ll compare! Clueless Gamer: Conan O’Brien Reviews “Tomb Raider” Conan O’Brien wasn’t…

Entertaining podcasts that are definitely worth your time

Entertaining Podcasts That Are Definitely Worth Your Time

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts these days. They make doing house chores a lot more enjoyable. Who knew vacuuming could be this fun? Check out these cool ones packed to the brim with the latest news and entertaining to boot. Rooster Teeth (RT Podcast) Despite specializing in writing scripts and using video…

Last minute help: buying a great gift for valentine’s day

Last Minute Help: Buying A Great Gift for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Do you have any something up your sleeve? It sounds like a cliche, but woah does time fly. Who here keeps writing 2013 instead of 2014? On this day filled with love, expect to see extravagant roses and nauseating couples if you’re at the mall. “Why should I care? I’m…

Top 5 Funniest Interviews on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

When it comes to talk shows, nothing quite beats Ellen. Just like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Conan, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is blessed with frequent guests like notable Hollywood actors and popular athletes. It’s one of the reason why the show has 4 million viewers per episode. Ellen debuted on September 8, 2003 and it’s still…