Top 5 Funniest Interviews on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

When it comes to talk shows, nothing quite beats Ellen. Just like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Conan, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is blessed with frequent guests like notable Hollywood actors and popular athletes. It’s one of the reason why the show has 4 million viewers per episode. Ellen debuted on September 8, 2003 and it’s still staying strong even after 10 years. The show has received over 30 Daytime Emmy Awards and on March 2013, it was revealed that it had been renewed through 2017! More cool stuff for us, so that’s fantastic.

Just Jared. Us Weekly. TMZ. These are the few places hungry gossipers look for celebrity news. But these sites do not quite compare to talk shows. Interviews are the only way for us to see our favorite celebrities “up close”  – even if we’re watching them on our hi tech gadgets.


Steve Carell 

It doesn’t feel like an interview at all. When Steve Carell stopped by to chat with Ellen DeGeneres, it feels like we’re watching a regular conversation between two best friends. The interview started with a bang. No spoilers ahead so go watch the video with over 2 million views. To give you the lowdown, the 40 Year Old Virgin and Crazy Stupid Love actor talked about his college days, his kids and how he was going to scare Ellen with a really bad taste.


Melissa McCarthy

In fact, watch all interviews of Melissa McCarthy. The 43 year old actress graced us with her presence to share funny tales about her encounter with celebrity couple Brangelina and Meryl Streep; her daredevil daughter and how she would like a straitjacket to restraint her; an awkward and amusing wardrobe malfunction. During her third visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she even brought her parents along and talked about their frequent visit to the casino. If only haters would stop with their yapping and watch this brilliant woman in action.


Jennifer Lawrence

Gotta include this Hollywood darling! Jennifer Lawrence has been making waves in the entertainment industry ever since she was selected as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Sassy and favored with an amazing sense of humor, various videos (especially interviews) of her has skyrocketed to at least a million view. What happens when you put an endearing star with one of America’s finest television host and stand-up comedian?


Emma Watson

When it comes to describing the British actress, let’s just say that “humorous” doesn’t pop up in mind. Emma Watson, widely known as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, shared a surprisingly funny story about how she met a girl who didn’t recognize her in New York. Watch it. It’s not everyday you get to hear a celebrity talking about not getting recognized. Plus, her accent sounds fancy.


Ryan Gosling

Leave it to Gosling to look attractive even when wearing a onesie! What strikes this as one of the best Ellen interviews is that it was conducted with the two stars riding an exercise bicycle. I’m the sort of a person who can’t run a mile to save her  life so I have mad respect for these two stars. Riding and talking at the same time? This is way too good (and odd) to be missed. Besides, it’s Ryan friggin’ Gosling.


Hugh Laurie

Just do a YouTube search and you will spot the 16 million viewed video of the English actor. It seems that Hugh Laurie himself has a little bit of Dr. House in him. Who knew slangs could be this fun? Both Laurie and DeGeneres battled out to test each other on British and American slangs and the outcome was well, too funny for words. As a non-American folk, I managed to find out the meaning behind badonkadonk and something tells me I’ll find it useful someday.